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WiFi filtering for restaurants may be considered as an optional extra to protect customers that are using free restaurant WiFi; however, more and more restaurateurs are now realizing the benefits of using a solution to control the web content that can be accessed on their premises.

A solution for WiFi filtering for restaurants should not be seen as yet another extra cost that must be covered. Instead, it should be viewed as an essential tool that can improve the customer experience and attract more business. However first, it is worthwhile explaining the importance of providing WiFi to diners and how the provision of Internet access can help you increase turnover.

WiFi web content filtering

Family-friendly businesses offering guest Wi-Fi access must protect themselves and control content.

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Benefits of Providing WiFi Access in Restaurants

If you want to attract more customers and get them coming back time and time again, you will need to provide high-quality food, excellent customer service, and ensure the dining experience is enjoyable. Internet access will not make up for poor food and service, but giving customers access to WiFi can certainly help with the latter.

Customers are increasingly making choices about where to dine based on whether WiFi access is provided. People now like to stay connected, use their phones while waiting for food, and even share their experience online. Younger age groups also keen to conserve their own bandwidth and seek out establishments that offer free WiFi access.

At lunchtime, Internet access is particularly important. A survey conducted by Samsung revealed that a third of workers choose coffee shops based on whether free WiFi is provided. Chicago-based consulting firm Technomic conducted even more specific research and its study determined just how important free WiFi access is to diners.

Four out of ten respondents said WiFi access was an important or very important factor when choosing a restaurant. WiFi access was second only to the provision of a menu on the restaurant’s website. 65% of respondents also said they “absolutely” expect WiFi access to be provided in quick service restaurants.

The 18-34 age group is the most likely to dine in restaurants. That age group is also the most likely to choose a place to eat based on whether WiFi access is provided. WiFi can therefore, help to attract a greater number of younger diners.

WebTitan allows you to monitor, control, secure and protect your business from online threats.

Why is WiFi Filtering for Restaurants So Important?

Providing customers with WiFi access in restaurants can attract new customers and improve the dining experience; however, that is only part of the story. Restaurateurs need to take steps to prevent Internet access from being abused. Internet access can attract new customers but it could potentially have the opposite effect.

If a diner was to accidentally catch a glimpse of hardcore pornography on another diner’s screen, it may be enough to ensure that person never returns. If their experience is shared on a review site it could spell disaster.

Parents often allow their children to access the Internet in restaurants so they can enjoy their own meals in peace. It is essential that children are prevented from inadvertently viewing inappropriate material over restaurant WiFi networks.

Restauranteurs should also take steps to keep customers protected from online threats such as malware and ransomware. They should also take steps to prevent hackers from infecting their networks with POS malware that can record customers’ credit card details. Many retailers and restauranteurs have been attacked by hackers who have installed POS malware on their networks and have stolen credit card numbers and have racked up huge debts.

WiFi filtering can be used to avoid all of these problems. WiFi filtering for restaurants is therefore, an essential protection against Internet-borne threats. WiFi filtering will also ensure that all customers can enjoy WiFi access safely and securely.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi – Cost Effective WiFi Filtering for Restaurants

TitanHQ is a leading provider of WiFi filtering for restaurants and coffee shops. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be used to keep customers protected from online threats, to carefully control the website content that can be accessed in restaurants, and even used to conserve bandwidth and gain an important insight into customer behavior.

Some of the important benefits of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi are detailed below:

  • No need for any additional hardware.
  • No software downloads required.
  • No limit on the number of users who can connect to your WiFi.
  • Precision control over the web content that can be accessed.
  • Configuration takes just a few minutes.
  • Dual anti-virus engines provide 100% protection from known malware.
  • WebTitan WiFi filtering for restaurants never needs to be patched or updated.
  • WebTitan Cloud for WiFi requires no IT skill to operate and maintain.
  • There are no limits on the number of WiFi hotspots making it ideal for restaurant chains.
  • Clients can control web filtering settings for multiple locations from a single web-based interface.
  • Internet speed is unaffected.
  • You can block websites by category or keyword or specific types of websites.

Sign up for a Free Trial of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

WiFi filtering for restaurants is important, but if you are not sure if it is right for your establishment, why not take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation trial.

You will receive full technical support and assistance configuring your web filtering settings. You will receive full customer support for the duration of the trial and will benefit from TitanHQ’s industry-leading customer service.

To find out more about why WiFi filtering for restaurants is so important, for further information on WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, and to register for your free trial, contact our friendly sales team today.

Hear from our Customers

Reasonably priced, great support, and easy to set up and block what I need to block.

It gives us peace of mind. We don't have to watch what kids are doing as much as we used to in order to ensure they're not getting into things they shouldn't be getting into. Knowing that they're being protected gives us peace of mind. I do not get as many viruses, phishing, or malware attacks since using WebTitan.

Lill Batson


Best in class for cloud based email protection

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? We tested several cloud based email protection services and found WebTitan by far the best service. Excellent product backed by excellent technical support technicians across the globe. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? spam and virus protection

Kurt J.


Web Titan helped secure our dealership

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? Web Titan has drastically cut down the time my employees spend on sites that they should not be on. This in turn has cut down on computer issues and increased productivity. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Productivity has increased.

Jeff F.

General Manager

Good Standalone Webfilter Solution

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? The single sign-on authentication against Active Directory, which is a very important feature for us, works very well compared to other firewall solutions from major vendors. We are very satisfied with it. Content filtering and web filtering also work very well. The web interface is clear and easy to understand. TitanHQ support responds very quickly and does its best to help. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? We use WebTitan Gateway to filter our users' traffic and exclude malware or other unwanted traffic. We can assign different policies to different AD users, allowing us to perfectly apply our corporate policies to different departments.

Elias P.


The best program that provides a layer of protection without equal.

What do you like best about WebTitan Web Filter? I really like this system because it provides one of the best layers of protection for the servers and computers of my business, bringing almost zero spam emails in my mail tray. This system is very simple to configure however, I could do it under the tutelage of the technical support team, in order to make an optimal configuration. I also congratulate the team of designers of this system for its friendly and versatile interface with a range of options and filters in each function, which allow me to be able to perform a better management on the web, I can also perform more detailed searches in order to obtain Excellent information. This system has a simple and very useful reporting. If we start talking about the price, I can say it is crazy, compared to other systems that do much less than WebTitan and are extremely expensive. I really like the attention provided by your customer service team, they are very attentive, they are always on the lookout to correct any problem that may arise with the system. Recommendations to others considering WebTitan Web Filter: I definitely recommend this system a lot and I think it is necessary to say that this system is vital for all businesses. If you want to know more about it you can have your trial version for a limited time and so you can evaluate it. What problems is WebTitan Web Filter solving and how is that benefiting you? Thanks to this system allows me to manage access to the web of my work team, based on the scale or pyramid of hierarchy, this because the base members of my team do not lose focus on the performance of their tasks and my managers, as they need more information on the web, I grant them a broader access to the execution of their tasks.

Harold A.

Project Control Manager

What is WebTitan Cloud for WiFi?

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a cloud based content filtering solution for your WiFi environment. It provides a secure setting for WiFi guests to browse online by preventing exposure to inappropriate content and protecting the integrity of the network by blocking malware. The solution enables the administrator to centrally control an infinite amount of WiFi access points, locations and traffic making the solution simple to manage and boundlessly scalable. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi requires a simple DNS redirect to the WebTitan servers; making it simple to set up and eliminates latency.

Our network of clients

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi clients consists of;

  • Service providers who wish to profitably offer content controlled WiFi as part of their product offering. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a robust low management solution that integrates easily with existing systems, offering the service provider the ability to supply an additional service that customers require at a very manageable cost.
  • Large institutions with multiple WiFi access points across various locations such as shopping malls, universities and airports. The solution facilitates simplicity on scale.
  • Small businesses that provide free WiFi who wish to protect their guests and network from inappropriate content and malware, guarenteeing brand protection.
Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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