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WiFi Filtering

What is WiFi Filtering?

WiFi filtering enables organizations to protect their WiFi routers and their guests´ devices from malicious online security threats.

WiFi filters create a safer browsing environment for organizations by blocking user access to inappropriate content, and limiting excessive bandwidth use as required – ensuring all staff and guests can access the internet as required.

WiFi filters also offer an insight into user browsing activities and can be used to enhance staff productivity as a result.


How does WiFi Filtering work?

WiFi filtering software has three layers:

  • It checks each request to visit a website against blacklists of websites that are known to harbor malware, and checks that destination websites are not associated with spamming or phishing. If a match is found, access to the website is denied.
  • Category filters sort 3 billion+ web pages into specific categories - for example pornography, online shopping, gambling websites, and social media - and network administrators can choose which categories to restrict access to.
  • Keyword filters enable organizations to block access to webpages containing certain words or file types that are most commonly associated with malware downloads.

These layers allow organizations to improve staff productivity and to prevent users from being exposed to online content they may find offensive, or that contravenes the organization’s Internet usage policies.

WiFi filtering software offers a high degree of granularity - category and keyword filters are extremely flexible and can be applied to individual network users, groups of users, or to all network users. They can also be applied by time, with the opportunity to restrict access to pornography until a certain watershed, for example.

Network administrators can also add all trusted, business-critical websites to a whitelist – so they can bypass all filtering mechanisms.


Why use WiFi filtering?

Unfiltered guest WiFi potentially exposes customers to malicious phishing and malware attacks, which have far-reaching consequences.

By offering guest WiFi, without WiFi filtering protection in place, there is the possibility users may use the network to access unsavoury online content. Take coffee shops or public libraries for example, if a customer accesses adult material using the guest WiFi network, there is a possibility other customers will inadvertently be exposed to it– it certainly isn’t a good look for the business.

WiFi filtering goes beyond protecting an organization’s own network and users and freeing up staff productivity – there is a duty of care to customers at play also.

Blocking inappropriate websites not only adds to the comfort of the customers’ service experience, it also protects organizations from potential future lawsuits, where inappropriate material is unlawfully accessed - and the WiFi provider could be found liable.

WiFi filtering software is easy to implement, inexpensive to operate and extremely versatile in terms of keyword and category filters that can be applied.


WebTitan WiFi Filtering

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a scalable WiFi filtering solution for organizations of all sizes -

from small businesses to providers of nationwide WiFi hotspot networks.

Our 100% cloud-based solution requires no additional hardware or software to be installed and can be quickly and easily applied.

Once a client’s DNS has been directed to WebTitan filters can be applied in a matter of minutes. Whether only light control is needed, or highly restrictive filters are required, our central user interface makes the process extremely straightforward, putting organisations in total control of their WiFi networks.

Main Features of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi

  • Web-based portal to filter the Internet by URL, category, keyword, or keyword score. Set controls by user group via Active Directory.
  • Multi-lingual filtering to resist cyberattacks from overseas. Highly granular controls include filtering by time.
  • Protect any number of WiFi hotspots, no matter where they are located geographically, and supports every operating system on any type of mobile device.
  • Supports SSL inspection for secure, encrypted websites. No bandwidth limits beyond that provided by your ISP. Works with static and dynamic IP addresses.
  • Range of subscription options to suit every budget. Available in while label format for MSPs and resellers.


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