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WebTitan DNS Filters

DNS Filters with WebTitan 

WebTitans DNS filters provide real time protection from malicious online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and botnets.

DNS Filters from WebTitan Feature List:

Two primary use cases:
1. DNS filter security layer.  Blocking Malware, Phishing, Viruses, Ransomware & Malicious Sites at source.
2. Brand protection. Advanced content control on your network.

DNS Filter Functions:
1. URL filtering. DNS Filters website URLs into 53 predefined categories in 200 languages. An additional 8 customizable categories are also available.  
2. DNS Security Layer. Best-in-class malicious URL detection. SSL supported. HTTP and HTTPS covered.
3. Flexible Policies. Create Policies for an entire organization, from AD groups down to the user level.
4. DNS Filter that is API Driven. Integrate and control Webtitan using its extensive APIs, roll your own UI, auto provision your customers from your existing systems. Integrate billing and monitoring systems.
5. Reporting: Realtime reporting dashboard to the per DNS request level or high level reports with customizable filters. Schedule customizable reports in multiple formats to be delivered via email. Drill down options with 55 predefined reports to choose from.
6. Deployment options. Gateway/shared cloud/Private Cloud. WebTitan Cloud, a private cloud deployed for you on AWS with failover or hosted by you in your own data centre.
We deploy servers globally tailored for you and your operations. The IP for DNS forwarding provided to you are yours and yours only.  Your data in your geographic locations.
7. Group Policies. If you use Windows Active Directory, you have already got groups defined, pull them into WebTitan and apply policies to individual groups.
8. Safe Search: One click enforcement of Google and bing SafeSearch and YouTube restricted mode (this can be customised)
9. Allow and Block list functionality per policy.
10. AD Integration. Allows for user identification, user/group policy application.  
11. On the Go roaming agent. WebTitan is perfect for BYOD environments where employees use multiple devices on and off site. Covering windows and MacOS. We also don’t charge extra for our agents.  
12. IPv6 coverage. We have full IPv6 support thus are future proofed.
13. Location types Static IP, dynamic IP, Dynamic DNS, Roaming or Virtual Locations (EDNS) all supported.
14. Bypass keys. Each Cloud Key can be created for single or multiple users and are controlled by time or date. This key can over ride the blocked pages; each key activity is also individually reported on.
15. Customisable block pages – Each customer can have their own specific block page to show their messaging and branding.
16. White Labelling: Our GUI can be 100% White Labelled to your branding

WebTitan DNS Filters Benefits: 
1. Market-leading accuracy, coverage and malicious website detection collated through real time advanced analytics and detection from 650 million end users and 5 trillion web queries per month covering 99.9% of the active web.
Proprietary Al-based and machine learning categorization engines process millions of URLs daily.

2. Scalable.  DNS filters can handle any volume of usage with no latency.

3. Real time auto threat and category updating.
4. Support. Renowned for our top-class support team both pre and post sales. This full support comes at no extra cost!  

5. Multi-tenant DNS Filter. Support multiple clients from one centralised platform. Each location has its own log in and policy manager. Each account administrator can control the content accessed for multiple locations

7. User identification: Identify individual users and report on their activity. Integrates with active directory or LDAP to allow you to create per user or per group reporting for your organisation.

8. Full path detection: One of the critical features that WebTitan DNS Filter provides is an ability for deep analysis due to full path detection. Page and path-level reporting provides analytical credibility to what is being marked as malicious. URLs in the Web Titan databases are detailed down to the path level.

9.  Zero Latency: The beauty of a DNS Filter is that there is no impact on internet speeds to your users. 

10. 3 step setup:
i) Sign up for WebTitan here 
ii) Forward DNS to WebTitan Cloud
iii) Done

WebTitan DNS Filters – The Stats That Matter 
- 700 million URL’s crawled daily providing crowd-sourced categorization and threat protection. 
- 200 languages covered
- 5 trillion search queries examined monthly
- 3 million malicious URLs and phishing sites blocked at any one time
- 100,000 new malicious and phishing site entries daily
- 300,000 malicious URLs revisited every single day
- 100% coverage of the Top 1 Million most visited websites
- 99% coverage and accuracy of the entire active web, the industry leader.
- 53 Unique Content Categories
- 200,000 queries per second/per instance 
- 5 microseconds for database lookups
- 1 Vital DNS Security Layer

Where does our crowd sourced threat intelligence come from?
It comes from the end users of thousands of partners including:​

DNSFilter Threat Intelligence WebTitan

How WebTitan DNS Filters Works:

1. Sign up for a free trial of webtitan.

2. We will create an account for you and send you your log on credentials.

3. Log on and create your usage policy or use the default policy to start with.

4. Redirect your DNS to our IP's. If you need help, our knowledgeable, responsive and friendly technical support team will guide you step by step.

5 Done! You're now completely set up on WebTitan DNS Filter.

Our threat intelligence includes over 550 million end users and growing- and is the primary in-house source for threat corpora used to train human-supervised Machine Learning systems. WebTitan employs a crowd-sourced approach for obtaining a constant stream of URLs for analysis. This continuous stream of Active Web (URLs actively visited by end users) comes from a global network of customers across a number of high traffic markets: Network Security, Subscriber Analytics, and Ad Tech.

WebTitan DNS Filter has Highly Granular Controls to Maximize Your Defenses:
Tier 1 - SURBL & URIBL filters
Tier 2 - Category filters
Tier 3 - Keyword filters

Why WebTitan DNS Filters:
It is estimated 91% of malware, need DNS services to find web addresses to infect, and once infected their goal is to communicate or “Phone Home. The vast majority of security incidents occur via email or the web, DNS requests make up a significant portion of this web activity. Why should a partner consider DNS filtering as a solution?

- It’s accepted as a core element of the future of network security
- It stops threats before you can access them. It’s the only solution that can do this
- It’s a malware killer stopping threats like C2 callbacks from communicating outwards
- There is no hardware or software install. It’s an easy solution to deploy.
- It scales and updates threat intelligence in real time  
- No need for HTTPS decryption

DNS Filters for Managed Service Providers MSPs

DNS filtering is an attractive solution for MSPs for the following reasons:

1. Saves time and money on customer call outs to repair cyber-attacks from malware and ransomware.

2. It provides protection for your clients against new and emerging threats

3. It can generate easy to manage profitable monthly recurring revenue

4. You can differentiate your security offering and amalgamate your security layers

5. You will reinforce your trusted IT advisor position. Customised reporting is a great asset here.   

DNS Filter MSP Security Stack

”DNS (domain name system) is a critical part of a defense in depth strategy. It has high, high value because every Internet application – legitimate or malicious – uses DNS to look up sites for communication. Virtually all types of malware – an estimated 91.3 per cent – need DNS services to find web addresses to infect, and once infected to communicate back to command and control servers for instructions.”
Mark Gaudet, Product Manager, Canadian Internet Registration Authority



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