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TitanHQ Email Archiving with ArcTitan for Managed Service Providers

Email Archiving with ArcTitan for Managed Service Providers

ArcTitan for Service Providers

ArcTitan is a purpose built email archiving solution for Managed Service Provider's. Built for MSPs of all sizes.

ArcTitan Cloud-Based Email Archiving, E-discovery and Compliance makes it easy for your customers to archive in the cloud.

TitanHQ Email Archiving with ArcTitan for Managed Service Providers

Why ArcTitan is perfect for Service Providers

ArcTitan allows you offer your customers email archiving to keep their businesses safe with tamper-proof email archiving. ArcTitan is fast and secure with encrypted email transfer, storage and retrieval service. 

Why is ArcTitan perfect for MSP's?

  • Excellent margin opportunity with a reliable and low maintenance service.
  • Email data is usually held for long time periods for compliance reasons. Therefore, once an email archiving service is in place, your customers are much more likely to stay with you and often on multi-year contracts.
  • MSPs - you can rebrand the ArcTitan platform with your corporate logo and corporate colours to seamlessly resell it as a hosted service.
  • ArcTitan allows MSPs expand their service offerings, win new business, and retain current customers.
  • Office 365: ArcTitans cloud-based model allows it to augment the Office 365 service with message retention capabilities that can extend beyond Microsoft’s.
  • Cloud Based Email Archiving, E-discovery and Compliance Made Easy for your Customers.
  • Quick to setup, and easy to manage.
  • Secure, Encrypted email transfer, storage and retrieval
  • HIPAA, SOX (and more) standards compliance
  • Compatible with your email server.
  • Comprehensive searching and reporting
  • Audited access trail
TitanHQ Email Archiving with ArcTitan for Managed Service Providers

Free Demo

ArcTitan is a white-label email archiving solution that allows you offer secure email archiving as a service to your customers, while you benefit from our generous recurring partner margins.

Our support team will work with you to get your email archiving service set up so you can start offering  ArcTitan as a service:

  • We provide step by step instructions for configuring your email server to duplicate your emails, or
  • We can work with your IT department or email service provider directly to manage deployment for you.
  • Usually same day account setup - depending on your email server configuration access
  • Set and forget - once your email server is configured there is nothing more to worry about.
  • Free demo - so you can be sure that everything works, and is easy to use.
Free Demo
“Our experience has been outstanding. ArcTitan has been the most effective solution we've found in years. Initially,we tested it for ourselves, but given the success we've now signed up as a reseller and are introducing the service to our SMB clients”


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