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Your data is valuable, and cyber-criminals know it. Most of today’s threats are financially motivated, so organizations need to include data protection services in their layers of security. Data protection services are cloud-based solutions to protect corporations from data loss after a compromise, whether it’s from ransomware or storage drive failure. In addition, because it’s cloud-based, data protection services can be used in disaster recovery, incident response, and investigations after a data breach.

Types of Data Protection Services

Data protection is more than a single strategy, so data protection services are a group of solutions that work together to help with your data protection strategies. You can have one or all services hosted in the cloud, but most services offer all solutions as a packaged deal. Therefore, choosing a solution that can be easily customized and follows compliance regulations is essential.

The types of data protection services include:

  • Backup as a Service (BaaS): Organizations can store backups on-premises, but ransomware scans for backup files and encrypts them if backups are found. By storing backups in the cloud, the organization has an added layer of security from ransomware scans on the local network. BaaS can also be used in addition to local backup storage for redundancy.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Instead of storing only data, a DRaaS solution backs up the entire environment, including applications, images of servers, and infrastructure configurations. Using this strategy, your organization can recover and copy entire environments to targeted infrastructure more quickly without reinstalling software or reconfiguring hardware.
  • Storage as a Service (STaaS): Storage space is expensive, so organizations can take advantage of cloud storage and host backups and other critical files in the cloud where they can be safe from malware and ransomware. Using STaaS, an organization can have a centralized location for all their software, data, configuration files, user files, and other critical data.

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Benefits of Data Protection Services

Organizations receive numerous benefits from using a data protection service in the cloud. The archiving, encryption, and compliance benefits keep organizations from losing data after a compromise and paying hefty fines for regulation violations. In addition, solutions such as ArcTitan maintain constant updates to stay compliant with any changes from your local government regulatory standards.

Cloud archiving solutions ensure that your legal department can quickly search and extract critical information for litigation issues or after a data breach where investigations are necessary. In addition, the ArcTitan solution integrates with standard software such as Microsoft Office 365 so administrators can more conveniently apply archiving and backup solutions to the entire corporate environment across all users.

Encryption is vital for data privacy and security. If backup files aren’t encrypted, an attacker could exfiltrate them after a compromise and read all data contained within the files. ArcTitan uses cryptographically secure encryption ciphers to protect archived and backup files from being read should they be exposed to a third party. Encryption is also required for compliance, so it benefits organizations that maintain high security and follow strict compliance regulations.

Another benefit is better compliance standards. Building compliant solutions is a full-time endeavor, but a data protection service provides many integrated cybersecurity and supports regulatory requirements. Whether it’s HIPAA, PCI-DSS, CCPA, or GDPR, you must ensure that any archiving, backup, encryption, and access permissions follow strict requirements by your government. Failing to follow compliance regulations can cost you millions in fines for violations. Still, ArcTitan is a compliant solution that offers a packaged out-of-the-box option for businesses unable to build their cloud software.

Cost is a concern for every organization, big or small. Because ArcTitan solutions run in the cloud, you get a full-service data protection platform at a fraction of the cost. However, hosting in-house storage and cybersecurity infrastructure is costly. Even though the cost is a concern, businesses still need quality services that provide fast and effective archiving. ArcTitan offers managed service providers, private companies, and educational institutions a way to maintain an affordable solution regardless of the number of users within the organization.

Cloud archiving solutions ensure that your legal department can quickly search and extract critical information for litigation issues or after a data breach where investigations are necessary.

Why is File Archiving Important?

Archiving is different from backups. Backups are there if you need to recover files from a cyber-event or if users accidentally delete files. Archiving is for compliance and legal purposes. It is a form of backup, but archiving solutions index and keep documents and data available for search. 

You need file search in case of legal cases, or archiving can offer a way to search for files after a data breach. Archives have a more extended retention period that could span several years so that legal staff and other stakeholders can search for old data and investigate. Of course, backups should be organized, but archiving solutions index files and data so that any searches are fast. Auditors also use archived data to research company policies and find any opportunities for improvement.

Although archives should not be the only backup solution, they can be a last resort should the business need to recover from a cybersecurity incident or data loss. Most archiving solutions have strict access controls, so data can be protected behind authorization rules. Backups also have access controls, but archiving solutions can be used to give specific employees access to particular data. Think of archiving as a more robust backup solution with better search features and longer retention periods.

Organizations can save money on storage space using an archive in the cloud. With backups and archives in the cloud, old files can be removed from the network, freeing up space for new data. 

How ArcTitan Can Help

ArcTitan is a cloud-based email and message archive explicitly developed to provide high-cost efficiency, availability, search speed and reliability. ArcTitan has seamless O365 integration, remote access to archived emails, and lightning-fast search across the archive. Scalability and cloud nature mean no hardware requirements on your end and the unlimited number of emails that can be stored. The efficiency of ArcTitan proved by many happy customers and will reduce the load on your email servers (reduces from 1000GB to ~200GBs).

To find out more, book a demo and see what ArcTitan can do for you.

ArcTitan has seamless O365 integration, remote access to archived emails, and lightning-fast search across the archive.

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