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Email Compliance

Email compliance is the act of ensuring that an email and its contents conforms to requirements as set out by regulatory frameworks.

To satisfy email compliance requirements, organizations need to ensure email messages are fully secure and protected – typically by encryption.

Email is the most common business communication method and is used to send sensitive confidential information inside and outside an organization. Email is fast and convenient, however by its nature is not always secure. The popularity of email also makes it susceptible to being exploited by cybercriminals, and organizations need to ensure sensitive business information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Email messages can even inadvertently be accessed by non-authorised recipients due to an error in sending, or by someone finding a mobile device in a shop or public transport for example.

Why Email Compliance

Many email compliance regulatory frameworks outline that organizations must identify data deemed confidential that is sent via email— for example bank details, credit card numbers, health records, payroll data - and that organizations must take steps to secure this data within email messages, both at rest and while in transit, in order to prevent unauthorised access or data loss.

To ensure email compliance, organizations need solutions to control content within emails, to ensure data is protected, and to manage email retention. End-to-end encryption ensures sensitive data remains fully confidential and secure, between the sender and recipient.

Without encryption in place, organizations are most likely non-compliant and this can result in hefty fines, loss of reputation and legal ramifications.

Did You Know?

8 billion

breached records in 2023


of employees share passwords

$10.5 trillion

estimated cost of cybercrime globally


knowingly sent private information in an email

HIPAA Compliance

If you operate in an industry that handles personal data, your regulatory obligations are centered on fully protecting this private data.

One such regulation is The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), for the healthcare industry. HIPAA was designed to provide privacy standards to guard patient medical records and other protected health information (PHI). HIPAA requires that security measures be implemented to ensure PHI is adequately protected. As a result, all email messages containing PHI should be encrypted.

Our email encryption solution, EncryptTitan, helps organizations of all sizes comply with HIPAA while protecting both brand and reputation.


EncryptTitan from TitanHQ is a full featured encryption system for MSPs & Enterprises that allows users to exchange information securely via email, and provides organizations with the tools needed to adhere to state and federal privacy regulations while protecting their organization.

Government encryption regulation policies

  • California state Privacy law policy: Designed to address California privacy laws that require social security numbers, credit card numbers, driver license numbers and financial information to be encrypted.
  • HIPAA: looks for violations of HIPAA and or Hi-Tech
  • PCI/Credit Card Number Policy: a lexicon that scans for all branded credit cards from the major card schemes including visa, master card, American express, discover and JCB, as part of PO compliance.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has established a set of guidelines for Electronic Mail Security that has been used by both the courts and regulators as the de facto standard for Electronic Mail Security. EncryptTitan meets or exceeds the NIST guidelines for both the secure storage and the secure transmission of email.

Without encryption in place, organizations are most likely non-compliant and this can result in hefty fines, loss of reputation and legal ramifications.

EncryptTitan Key Points

EncryptTitan adheres to the NIST High Security E-mail recommendations by using:

  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-Bit Encryption.

  • Authentication & Digest Using RSA 2048 Bit Keys with a Digest Size of 256 Bits (SHA-256).

The EncryptTitan Secure Message Portal provides a secure, NIST compliant message storage environment. Recipients of secure messages can easily send an encrypted reply or compose a new encrypt-ed email directly from the secure message portal.

  • AES 256-Bit Encryption with SHA256 Hashing Storage.
  • Elliptic Curve (EC) Keys to Store Each Message.

EncryptTitan offers better TLS security by requiring certificate verification from the remote server before sending an email.

  • Validates that the TLS Connection is to a Server Authorized to Receive Email for the Recipients Domain.
  • Protection Against Misconfigured Recipient Mail Servers and Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Attacks.

EncryptTitan offers transparent HIPAA compliant TLS delivery of secure email with the added benefit of automatic fall back delivery to the EncryptTitan Secure Message Portal when a compliant connection is not available.

This allows an encrypted email recipient to benefit from the transparency of TLS, while leveraging the secure message portal as an alternative delivery method when HIPAA compliant TLS cannot be achieved.

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Protect your users with our full security stack

As well as encryption, our award-winning SpamTitan email security solution protects against email-borne threats, such as phishing and ransomware.

We also offer web security, providing both protection from HTTP and HTTPS security threats as well as advanced DNS filtering control, blocking user access to malicious websites.

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