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What is Keyword Encryption and why does it matter?

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What is Keyword Encryption and why does it matter?

Keyword-based Policy Encryption

Keyword encryption is an automatic encryption policy that ensures all emails are encrypted based on a set of keywords defined by the systems administrator. If a subject line contains a keyword, the email will be encrypted. This eliminates the possibility of human error to ensure all sensitive information is encrypted.

EncryptTitan Deployment Options

EncryptTitan has three deployment options:

  1. Keyword encryption
  2. Outlook plug-in
  3. DLP Based Encryption

Keyword encryption with EncryptTitan can be sent through two ways:

  1. TLS 1.2 or higher (HIPAA compliant)
  2. Through EncyptTitan secure portal

Advantages of Keyword Encryption

Email encryption is important for organisations to protect customer data. Here are the top advantages of Keyword Encryption

  • Minimising human error – ensuring users encrypt all sensitive messages and files.
  • Ensuring legal compliance – adhering to governing data regulations is vital for organisations to avoid fines and penalties, avoid data breaches and simplifies reporting to authorities.
  • Full audit trails of emails – see who read, printed, saved, deleted and replied to the encrypted email.
  • Data loss prevention –  stops employees from sharing unsecured data and prevents employee misuse of email.
  • Brand protection – Ensures customer trust and avoids litigation and bad press associated with the organisation
  • Safeguarding of private information of the organisation and clients' data.

Why Encryption Matters?

71% of fraud incidents begin less than one week after a data breach.

77% of all financial institutions share the sensitive data they hold with third parties.

EncryptTitan is a full-features email encryptions system that allows users to exchange information securely through email. EncryptTitan provides organisations with the tools needed to adhere to states and federal privacy regulations while protecting their organisation.

EncryptTitan Keyword Encryption

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