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EncryptTitan email encryption software is an easy-to-use, flexible and full-featured encryption system that allows users to exchange information securely via email.

EncryptTitan seamlessly encrypts email messages and attachments for an added layer of security and total control over shared information, ensuring emails are accessible to no-one except you and your recipients.

Email messages are becoming increasingly vulnerable to being intercepted by cybercriminals and there are significant legal ramifications if sensitive data falls into the wrong hands. Simply clicking on one infected link or attachment in an email and submitting personal information can cost organizations substantial monetary value and reputational damage.

When an email is sent via encryption it is fully protected to ensure the contents aren’t disclosed or tampered with, and it helps users meet compliance requirements for protecting sensitive, private information.

Email messages are encrypted by the sender and can only be decrypted by the recipient on their device.

Why Email Encryption

As the main source of business communication worldwide, email is regularly used to share valuable and sensitive data like financial and payroll information, customer lists, intellectual property, and internal business strategy documentation. Email encryption software is critical to protecting this information from theft and from being misplaced – which can lead to fines, reputational damage, and legal issues.

With an ever-increasing reliance on remote working since 2020, more internal business communication is now taking place over email rather than in-person. Cyber-attacks in general are substantially on the rise in 2021 and are becoming more sophisticated in nature. Hackers are increasingly finding ways to penetrate organizations’ servers via email-borne attacks.

Did you know?

  • A full 71% of fraud incidents begin in the week after a data breach
  • 91% of healthcare facilities have had at least one data breach involving the loss or theft of patient data
  • 77% of all financial institutions share the sensitive data they hold with 3rd parties

Based on recent survey of IT professionals:

  • 24% admit to having knowingly sent private info in an email
  • 33% emails sent that should be encrypted and are often not
  • 45% evaluate the legitimacy of email they received in less than 30 seconds
  • 79% have had private info stolen as a result of an email.

Email encryption software is an essential tool for protecting sensitive information, preventing data loss, litigation and negative publicity which can impact customer trust. Email encryption allows organizations meet compliance regulations and avoid potential fines and penalties by providing organizations with the tools needed to adhere to state and federal privacy regulations.

"91% of healthcare facilities have had at least one data breach involving the loss or theft of patient data"

How Email Encyption Works

Email Encryption with TitanHQ is delivered via a conditional TLS methodology (called TLS-verify) and/or a secure web portal.

TLS can be configured as the preferred method of delivery, and requires no interaction by the recipient, meaning they don’t have to take any extra steps in order to read the encrypted message. If the conditions of the TLS-verify delivery method are not met, EncryptTitan will automatically deliver the message to the secure portal for the recipient to authenticate.

Domain encryption policies can be configured to use a particular delivery method based on global, domain or per recipient criteria

By default senders receive a confirmation that the email was encrypted (note only when TLS is used for delivery), and this confirmation receipt includes a tracking code and easily allows the sender to audit access to the email and recall it. The sender is also informed when the message has been read.

Real time message tracking allows administrators to track, verify and audit all secure messages sent from the organisation without disclosing the contents of the encrypted mail.

Email encryption software is an essential tool for protecting sensitive information, preventing data loss, litigation and negative publicity which can impact customer trust.

Email Encryption with EncryptTitan

EncryptTitan is a key part of our email security stack, along with our anti-spam and anti-malware email protection and email archiving solutions.

EncryptTitan is 100% cloud-based with no on-site hardware required, allowing secure email to be sent from your desktop, phone or tablet.

We have several options for encryption.

  • Keyword-Based Encryption: Customers can choose a keyword that employees put into the subject line to force a message to be encrypted. Our email encryption solution will see this and via a content filter redirect the mail through the encryption servers.

  • Policy-Based Encryption: Data Leak Prevention (DLP) policies are available that look for definable types of regulated content in email messages/attachments for compliance purposes, to automatically encrypt messages without requiring any input from the sender. EncryptTitan has pre-built DLP policies and settings that will look for regular content in the message body or attachment to automatically encrypt messages.

We also offer an Outlook plug-in where the user can select which emails to be encrypted for the add in. Users can set number of days a message is accessible by the recipient, enhancing the overall security of the encrypted email by auto-deleting the message after a predefined time-period.

As the reliance on email communication increases, so does the risk of inadvertently sharing sensitive business information. Email encryption protects against this information falling into the wrong hands.

Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow


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