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TLS Email Encryption

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TLS Email Encryption

EncryptTitan is a full featured encryption system that allows users to exchange information securely via email. EncryptTitan provides organizations with the tools needed to adhere to state and federal privacy regulations while protecting their organization. When an email is sent using EncryptTitan, it is encrypted and protected so that the contents of the email won’t be disclosed or tampered with.

The potential for breaches of online privacy has grown significantly over the years. There is no one law regulating online privacy. In actual fact a range of federal and state laws apply. create and maintain reasonable security measures.

Many states have also adopted laws regulating online privacy for areas such as consumer protection status, laws that protect personal information, information security and data breach notification laws. In addition to complying with these regulations and implementing robust security solutions, there are steps organizations can take to help mitigate cybersecurity threats.

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What is TLS?

TLS is a critical part of the IT infrastructure. Transport layer security (TLS) is a protocol that provides communication security between client/server applications that communicate with each other over the Internet. TLS is used to secure web browsers, web servers, VPNs, database servers and more.

TLS evolved from Netscape's Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and has largely superseded it, although the terms SSL or SSL/TLS are still sometimes used.

TLS protocol consists of two different layers of sub-protocols:

  • TLS Handshake Protocol: Enables the client and server to authenticate each other and select a encryption algorithm before sending data.
  • TLS Record Protocol: It works on top of the standard TCP protocol to ensure that the created connection is secure and reliable. It also provides data encapsulation and data encryption services.

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TLS Email EncryptTitan

If your organization exclusively uses the most up-to-date TLS implementation and takes advantage of all TLS security features, you are ahead of the game. By default, EncryptTitan will determine how best to secure a message sent to a specific recipient.  EncryptTitan will first attempt to deliver an encrypted email using TLS Verify. 

TLS Verify is  the preferred delivery method because, TLS Verify meets state and federal requirements for sending private information over email. It has the added benefit of note requiring the recipient to take additional steps to view the email. The message is sent securely to the recipient’s mail server and then handed off for processing.

Note : IT  must check that TLS Verity meets the organizations encryption requirements.

In order for a message to be delivered using TLS Verify, the recipients mail host, associated with the domains MX record(s), must support TLS version 1.2 or 1.3 (lower versions of TLS are no longer considered secure by regulators and are not supported by Encrypt Titan). In addition, the mail hosts name must match the common name (CN) of the digital certificate used to facilitate TLS.

Both the TLS version and the certificate match are required for TLS Verify to be used as the deliver method. If either TLS Verify requirement are not met for a particular recipient, Encrypt Titan will automatically default to the Secure Portal delivery method for the email.

Email encryption solutions like EncryptTitan strive to be invisible. Unlike older generations of email encryption solutions, email encryption solutions like EncryptTitan handle all  key actions behind the scenes, seamlessly. With EncryptTitan organizations can asynchronously send sensitive data to  customers, partners and others in a protected and secure manner. Email encryption should be on the radar of all MSP and enterprises today.

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