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A Guide to Email Filtering

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A Guide to Email Filtering

What Is Email Filtering? 

Email filtering organizes email based on specific, pre-determined factors. While the strict definition of it notes that it is possible that it can involve some level of human intention, that's not the real value that an email filter offers. Rather, that comes from the automatic processing of messages using an SMTP server. In some cases, there is also a built-in anti-spam technique. It's possible to use filtering like this for both incoming and outgoing email.  

Here's how it works. Email filtering software creates an automatic process by which the software can reject an email coming into it. This is done at the initial SMTP connection stage, long before the user receives it. It is also possible to redirect that email to another inbox in some situations. It may also be possible to quarantine it until further investigation can occur or tag it in some way based on the needs of the email account owner.  

The software minimizes the amount of work that the email user has to manage by scanning and classifying messages as they come in. It can filter messages in various ways, such as into a suspected spam folder, a bulk folder, imposter messages, or a file for suspicious links. They can classify based on the goals of the software organizer.  

In an outbound process, the email filtering system processes messages from users before they are delivered to the end reader. In this way, they can weed out any type of harmful message or bad link before it impacts the end reader of that email.  


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Why is Email Filtering so Important? What are the Benefits of Email Filtering? 

It may seem like a simple tool, but it's a critical tool in optimizing time management for organizations that receive hundreds or even thousands of emails each day. Though each type of email filtering software program works a bit different, most provide a few very specific benefits to users, such as the following: 

Spam Elimination 

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to utilize filtering is that it can very successfully remove spam from inboxes. Spam slows down communications. It also creates confusion in those who read the email. The risks of the wrong information being shared or a link being clicked on that should not be are significantly eliminated with filtering is on.  

Minimize the risk of DDoS attacks 

Many companies recognize that there are risks to their security through email. Yet, it is not always easy to have a way to eliminate these risks. Someone could do the wrong thing, like reply to a fake message and expose the company to financial loss. A DDoS attack attempts to disrupt the work of your email, which worsens the outcome even further. Now, you may not be able to receive authentic communications either. 

Minimize Graymail  

Graymail isn't necessarily spam, but it is also something that you do not need to open. It often includes emails from a mailing list or a newsletter. Proper email filtering systems can eliminate these types of messages making it to your inbox, saving you time in the process. 

Improve Productivity 

Most organizations need to get as much productivity out of their employees as possible. The use of filtering like this can improve productivity substantially, especially if employees spend a lot of time opening and reading unnecessary messages.  


What Do You Need to Know About Email Filtering? 

If your organization does not have an email filtering software program in place, it is exposed to risks. It is critical for any company that has sensitive data, in particular, to have a reliable, robust system in place. Otherwise, financial data, patient information, or company secrets are easily accessible.  

Organizations that have sensitive data like this, especially large amounts of it, are at the highest risk of cybercriminals attempting to infiltrate that data. They are crafty and offer a variety of ways "in" to that information with just the click of an email link. From spam and phishing to malware attacks, the only way to eliminate the risk is to ensure no one can click on such links or engage with the content in any way. 

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What are the Different Types of Email Filters? 

Robust email filters have a lot of ways to support your needs. They offer a comprehensive number of ways to protect you. Here are a few examples of how email filtering can work within your organization. 

Content Filters 

Perhaps the most important tool is the content filter. It analyzes the text that is within the email and determines if the content is valuable enough to pass through or if it needs to go to the spam folder. It can pick up the emotions and wording in emails to allow it to filter it properly. 

Blacklist Filters 

Another type of filter is a blacklist email filter. In this situation, you can block emails from senders within just a few seconds. You can keep these filters updated easily to help remove or add emails. This type of updating is critical since spammers tend to change their email addresses quickly. 

Language Filters 

Some filters can detect the language in the email and send that message where it needs. Many businesses get emails from around the world, but that doesn't mean they are applicable or needed. This filter can help determine if the email is in the proper language and if the content within them is spam or beneficial to the organization. 

Header Filters 

This type of filter focuses specifically on the header itself. It uses this information to determine if the source is legitimate or not. It can include detecting the IP address of the spammer, which can shed more information on the authenticity of the email. 

Rule Based Filters 

Yet another option is a rule-based filter that allows you to set up the specific parameters for it when it blocks messages coming through.  

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What is the Best Email Filtering Tool? 

It’s always important to choose an email filtering system designed to work flawlessly within your organization. SpamTitan offers the most important features (and much more) to help you. That’s what makes it the best email filtering tool available. 

Using this tool, you can block spam and phishing emails. You can drastically reduce the presence of malicious email threats and ransomware attacks. You also reduce the risk of viruses spreading from one system to the next. The allow and block method is simple to set up and typically is highly effective right away. When you need control, you need this tool. 

Another key benefit of this particular solution is that it is very easy to use. You do not need a lot of experience or have to spend hours setting it up. It’s versatile enough for health care providers, schools, and managed service providers. It is a true 5-star security solution and has more than 37 consecutive Virus Bulletin Spam awards for the good work it has done. It also comes with an industry leading support team should you need support at any time.  

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When the details matter and you need your employees to minimize risks to your organization, the need for comprehensive and customizable email filtering is an understatement. SpamTitan aims to make the entire process easy for you to manage. Take a few minutes not to set up a demo to see how and why it works. Contact us now to learn more. 


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