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Best Email Filter for Microsoft Exchange

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Best Email Filter for Microsoft Exchange

Implementing the best email filter for Microsoft Exchange is the ideal way to eliminate the unwanted spam still allowed through by Microsoft´s product - even with “Exchange Online Protection” (EOP). A supplementary exchange email filter can provide better protection against email-borne threats and ensures email continuity throughout the network during downtime.

How the Microsoft Exchange Email Filter Works

The Microsoft Exchange email filter - like most other email filters - uses multi-layered mechanisms to rate each incoming email and assign it a spam confidence level. Incoming emails are compared to a blacklist of known spam sources and analyzed for compliance with sender policy frameworks.

Any incoming email that exceeds a preset spam confidence level is flagged and either quarantined, deleted, or forwarded to its recipient tagged as spam. The Exchange email filter reports on all quarantined, deleted or tagged emails, so that those flagged in error can be reinstated and the email sender included on a whitelist.

How the Best Email Filter for Microsoft Exchange Differs

Before illustrating how the best email filter for Microsoft Exchange differs from the default Exchange email filter- or more accurately enhances the default Exchange email filter - it is important to understand some of the issues with Microsoft Exchange and its premium EOP service.

When Exchange 2013 was launched, the premium service replaced Microsoft´s “Forefront Protection for Exchange”. Only supplied as a cloud-hosted service, EOP does not support sandboxing, real-time dynamic link following, and “greylisting” - a mechanism that helps detect previously unknown sources spam.

How the best email filter for Microsoft Exchange differs is that it has a choice of deployment options and the mechanisms needed to deliver in excess of 99% spam detection. Furthermore, whereas Microsoft Exchange and its EOP service has a high maintenance overhead, the best email filter for Microsoft Exchange focuses on usability rather than complex configuration options.

SpamTitan by TitanHQ - The Best Exchange Email Filter

TitanHQ offers clients a choice of two powerful spam email filters - SpamTitan Cloud and SpamTitan Gateway.  SpamTitan Cloud is an on-demand cloud-based solution with three different hosting options, while SpamTitan Gateway is an on-premise virtual appliance that is deployed within an organization´s system or its virtual infrastructure.

Both products could be regarded as the best email filter for Microsoft Exchange, with certified spam detection rates of 99.97% of spam and low false positive ratings of 0.03% due to mechanisms such as real-time dynamic link following, “sandboxing” and “greylisting”. Both products are universally compatible with existing systems, infinitely scalable, and have low maintenance overheads.

In addition to preventing 99.97% of spam from reaching its intended destination, both SpamTitan Cloud and SpamTitan Gateway use dual anti-virus software with “URIBL” and “SURBL” protocols. These block malicious URLs contained within emails, and offer phishing protection by comparing links within emails and their attachments against a global blacklist of domain names.

Try Our Best Email Filter for Microsoft Exchange for Free

TitanHQ has been developing online security solutions since 1999. In that time organizations of all sizes have not just benefitted from a higher level of protection against online threats, but also our solutions´ ease-of-use, versatility and industry-leading customer support.

Our Exchange email filter has APIs for backend integration with management reporting tools and is available in white label format for resellers and MSPs. However, being discussing our flexible range of payment options, we would invite you to try our best email filter for Microsoft Exchange for free.  

We believe that the only way to determine whether SpamTitan Cloud and SpamTitan Gateway are the best email filter for Microsoft Exchange is to evaluate the solutions in your own environment. Therefore we are inviting organizations to try a fully-enabled SpamTitan Exchange email filter free.

Please get in touch with our customer service team to discover more about our invitation or to ask any questions you have about an Exchange email filter. One of our experienced team will guide you through the installation and configuration of the most suitable Exchange email filter with no commitment on you to continue with our email filtering service once the trial period has finished.


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