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Cloud Email Security

What is Cloud email security?

Email-borne threats are on the rise and organizations must be prepared for their next attack at a moment’s notice.

A vast amount of sensitive data is exchanged via email, and organizations need to prevent this data from falling into the wrong hands.

How prepared are you in the event of an email-borne cyber attack? Do you have the necessary defences in place?

Cloud email security solutions offer comprehensive email protection against a wide range of known threats - including spam, malware, viruses and malicious links/attachments - while also defending against previously unknown attacks, using behavioral analysis.

With the rise in remote working over the past two years – and with most organizations adopting cloud-based email systems – organizations are increasingly moving to the cloud for their email security.

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Why cloud email security?

Email threats are increasingly becoming more sophisticated in nature, making them difficult to detect and prevent.

The best method for securing email is to deploy an email security solution. With no hardware to purchase, cloud-based email security solutions are quick, easy and inexpensive to implement, administer and operate.

However, not all cloud email security solutions are the same. Some have better spam detection rates than others. Even a 97% spam detection means 3% of malicious emails can penetrate your defences.

The leading cloud email security solutions have over 99% spam detection rates and will block even the most sophisticated attacks, such as impersonation and business email compromise (BEC), from reaching your network by using multi-layered intelligence and detection engines.

However some malicious emails can always filter through and as a result employees – who act as both an organization’s biggest threat vector and also best line of defence - need to be trained how to identify and respond to common email threats

Cyber-security awareness training provides phishing simulation tests to staff and allows organizations to identify their most at risk employees and to tailor their training accordingly.

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Features of cloud email security

Here are some of the main features of cloud email security solutions, such as SpamTitan:

  • Targeted threat protection, that provides real-time scanning and blocking of suspect websites and attachments.
  • Email encryption to secure sensitive data and make compliance easy.
  • Sandboxing technology provides an isolated test environment to inspect incoming suspicious files or code, to prevent employees from inadvertently downloading malware.
  • Real-time URL scanning: URLs may appear safe on delivery, and bypass filters, however hackers can rotate the URL later. SpamTitan Plus is an added layer of defence that re-scans a URL every time a user clicks on it. If the URL is malicious and a member of your organization clicks on it, they will be re-directed to a block page
  • Geoblocking easily restricts/allows emails from specific destinations based on IP or country.
  • Outbound spam filters prevent outbound emails being sent from within an organization that may inadvertently contain malware, preventing severe reputational damage and an organizations’ IP from being blacklisted.
  • Bayesian Analysis is a machine learning technique that allows organizations to block an email based on its content/attachments, for example messages that contain certain “red flag” phrases. Bayesian analysis learns from each message it scans – the more messages it scans the greater its effectiveness.
  • Greylisting prevents emails from unknown sources from entering an organization’s network by rejecting every email and asking for them to be resent. Spammers´ mail servers, being too busy sending out fresh spam, never respond to “resend” requests, and spam emails are never returned.
  • Blacklisting/Whitelisting provides organizations with the ability to determine which senders – whose mails may have been previously unrecognised or detected as unsolicited - to accept (whitelisting) or block email from (blacklisting) by adding them to a list

Cloud Email Security from SpamTitan

SpamTitan is a cloud email security solution that processes millions of emails per day, with a market leading 99.99% Spam Catch Rate and a 0.003% false positive rate

SpamTitan ensures you won’t be hit by any of the thousands of new threats discovered every hour, with continually updated threat intelligence.

Being a cloud-based solution, SpamTitan is compatible with all operating systems and is infinitely scalable.

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