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Considering the consequences of being accidently blacklisted, it is a little surprising that not every email filtering solution has an outbound email spam filter by default. An outbound email filter can catch any email being sent from your organization that might be interpreted as spam by an over-zealous inbound email filter.

How could an email being sent from your organization be interpreted as spam? Easily. All it takes is an incorrectly spelled title in the subject line, or the overuse of spam-related words in the content of the email, and an inbound email spam filter with its parameters set very high could block the email and report your IP address to a Realtime Blackhole Agency.

Real-time Blackhole Agencies compile lists of known spammers. These lists are shared between all major email service providers (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), so it is possible that your emails could be blocked by the spam filters belonging to every one of your customers, suppliers and business associates. Normal service would only be resumed once your IP address was removed from a Realtime Blackhole List or added to each of your recipients´ white lists.

Did You Know?


SpamTitan's spam catch rate

11 Seconds

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Other Reasons for Using an Outbound Email Filter

Although there may be a perfectly innocent reason for your organization´s IP address being blacklisted, there could be more sinister reasons as well. It may be the case that one of your organization´s employees is actually sending out spam email. This would not only be an abuse of their email privileges but would reflect badly on your organization.

It may also be the case that your organization´s IP address has been blacklisted because an email has been sent containing malware, or a link to a malware-infested website. This may not necessarily have occurred because your organization´s network is infected. It may because an employee has prepared a presentation on their malware-infested home computer and attached the file to a corporate email.

An outbound email filter can prevent these scenarios from happening. With outbound email filtering, all your organization´s emails are scanned for content that might be interpreted as spam and malicious software. Any spam emails or emails containing malware that are identified are quarantine and listed in a report for appropriate action to be taken by the system administrator.

SpamTitan detects 99.97% of inbound spam email and filters all outbound emails to avoid the unintended blacklisting of your organization's IP address.

Outbound Email Filter from TitanHQ

TitanHQ has been developing advanced online security solutions since 1999. Among our portfolio of security solutions is one of the most advanced and effective email spam filters on the market - SpamTitan. SpamTitan detects 99.97% of inbound spam email and filters all outbound emails to avoid the unintended blacklisting of your organization's IP address.SpamTitan Cloud is a cloud-based email filter that is universally compatible and infinity scalable.  Implementation of SpamTitan Cloud requires a simple redirection of your DNS, and the solution can be hosted in our cloud, in your virtual infrastructure or in a Private AWS Cloud.

A white label version of the SpamTitan software is also available for Managed Service Providers and resellers whose clients demand an outbound email filter. There is a full range of APIs that can be used to integrate SpamTitan with third-party management applications and can be managed remotely for easier configuration and administration.

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If you have never experienced the benefits of outbound email filtering, we invite you to try SpamTitan and its outbound email spam filter for free. We believe this will give you the ideal opportunity to test the value of an outbound email filter in your own environment, with no contracts to sign and obligation to continue with our service at the end of the free trial.

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