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Spam emails are a severe nuisance for busy people. On average, employees receive around 121 emails daily and reply to around 40; the rest enter the dreaded 'unread' list. However, sometimes, spam email is more than just an irritation. Malicious spam can be a severe threat to an organization. Spam emails can contain malware-laden attachments or present as legitimate-looking phishing emails. 

Office 365 is a highly popular email client, with over 1 million companies using the solution worldwide. Unfortunately, office 365, because of its popularity, can become a playground for spammers and the malicious spam they generate. By integrating SpamTitan into Office 365, an organization can weed out nuisance and malicious spam from legitimate communications.

Why use SpamTitan with Office 365

Even a single malicious spam email can seriously damage a company: spam is not just about annoying ads for an unsecured business loan -- spam carries the weapons of cybercrime and fraud. A single malicious spam can result in ransomware, stolen login credentials, exposed data, and significant financial losses from Business Email Compromise (BEC). Office 365 has some anti-spam capability, but modern cybercriminals use highly sophisticated methods to circumvent many spam filters; more layers are needed to protect emails. Here are some of the most important reasons why an organization should integrate the advanced spam filter SpamTitan into Office 365:

SpamTitan stops 99.99% of Phishing Emails

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) shows an upwards trend, with the highest-ever phishing levels recorded in late 2022.

Source: APWG, Phishing Activity Trends Report, 3rd Quarter 2022

SpamTitan stops Office 365 from becoming a haven for phishing messages. SpamTitan continuously scans incoming messages and can even prevent sophisticated spear phishing emails that lead to lost administrator credentials or BEC fraud. In addition, with SpamTitan you can rely on the following:

  • 100% coverage of ALL current market-leading anti-phishing feeds.
  • 1.5X increase in unique phishing URL detections
  • 1.6X faster phishing detections than the current market leaders
  • 10 million net, new, and previously undiscovered phishing URLs every single day
  • 5 minutes from initial detection of the malicious, offending URL to an end user's mailbox

Did You Know?


SpamTitan's spam catch rate

11 seconds

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the average cost to manage spam per person without an email filter


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Advanced Content Filters Prevent Zero-Day Attacks

Phishing, zero-day protection, and malware detection require sophisticated methods of detection. A multi-layered approach to spam detection delivers a 99.99% Spam Catch Rate. SpamTitan is based on advanced intelligent technology. SpamTitan employs multiple technology layers that handle the massive volumes of spam needed to ensure that legitimate email is not caught in a false positive trap. The result is that less than 0.003% of spam detections are false positives.

SpamTitan multiple layers of filters include the following:

  • Real-Time Blacklists (RBLs): identify and block spam from recognized spam-supporting ISPs.
  • Bayesian Analysis: a self-learning system that continuously improves as it learns.
  • Auto Learning: use of AI to pre-empt cyber threats and thought pattern detection in real-time.
  • Heuristics: detects viruses by examining code for suspicious properties.

Cost-effective Data loss prevention (DLP)

Data loss doesn't just happen because of the concerted efforts by cybercriminals. Accidental loss of data by misdirected emails is common. SpamTitan scans both incoming and outgoing emails to prevent the loss of confidential information. While some DLP functionality is provided by Office 365, those features are only available in the most expensive version, i.e., Enterprise E3. SpamTitan provides DLP out-of-the-box at a competitive price.

Above and beyond Office 365 with Outbound Controls

Office 365 does not prevent your email domains from being hijacked by spambots. But spambots can cause severe damage to a business, decreasing company email delivery rates and damaging your reputation. SpamTitan ensures that spambots do not abuse your email domains.

On average, employees receive around 121 emails daily and reply to around 40; the rest enter the dreaded 'unread' list.

Maintains Business Continuity

Keeping your business running smoothly is vital for organizations of all sizes. SpamTitan Private Cloud infrastructure provides backup for your mail server so that you can always have instant email access, even if your company suffers a ransomware attack. If your private mail server is unavailable, SpamTitan holds all emails in a deferred queue for five days by default, with easy configuration to change this value up or down. As soon as your mail server resumes operation, the mail is forwarded to all recipients. Also, SpamTitan stores copies of clean email for a set period and allows end users to view their email via a personal portal.

Dynamic and Configurable Security Policies

SpamTitan is highly configurable, reflecting the unique needs of your business. SpamTitan allows for a dynamic Internet usage policy while keeping the network secure. SpamTitan's advanced features include an Advanced Content Control filter that enables engineers to apply a specific rule set for your organization. This level of customization is not available in Office 365 standard filtering.

Easy to Deploy and Use

SpamTitan has multiple deployment options to meet any sized business needs. Deployment options include using an in-house IT team or a specialist third-party MSP (managed service provider).

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

SpamTitan is proud of our customer satisfaction record with global review website G2 audience reviews placing SpamTitan as a “Leader in 2023”. Also, Gartner Peer Insights gave SpamTitan the thumbs up, with 87% of reviewers recommending the solution for email security.

Out of control, spam can cause nuisance and at worst serious damage to IT systems, data, and the company’s reputation. Office 365 has some in-built anti-spam features, however, SpamTitan provides a cost-effective, configurable, and intelligent approach to 360-degree spam control for inbound and outbound emails.

Talk to one of our specialists about how SpamTitan can keep your business running smoothly, stop email-borne threats, and add a layer of security to your Office 365 environment.

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