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Why Email Security Matters

Email security is a major consideration for organizations because many of these companies face complications because of threats. Experts believe nearly 81% of the files used for account compromise get distributed by email. It's a complicated situation because many companies unknowingly access harmful files and emails.

With many cyber attacks on companies beginning with a malicious email, relying on your built-in security could leave your company vulnerable to cyber criminals continually exploiting the number one attack vector: human nature and a lack of tight protection.

Moreover, many employees don't have training in email security protection. These individuals access the wrong email, putting the company data at risk. While employee training is a good approach, it doesn’t guarantee 100% results.

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Common Email Security Threats

Email security threats have advanced over the years because of various types of approaches used for breaches.


Phishing attacks are considered the most common approach for email security compromise. One of the most reputable examples of these phishing attacks is the Nigerian Prince scam, known for its poor grammar. These attacks were unbelievable but still managed to scam some less-trained individuals. These phishing attempts have become more fruitful as the attackers use polished emails, making them more believable.

With technological advancements, phishing attacks can be targeted or generic, depending on their approach. Most modern phishing attacks include research and design, targeting a particular company, institute, or individual. The most common instance of these modern phishing attempts includes sharing sensitive information with the attackers or sending them payments.


Email delivery is a viable option for malware sharing as the attackers can share it with the targeted as an embedded part within the documents or directly in the email. As soon as the victim accesses these emails via cloud-based storage, they can steal sensitive/valuable information from the system, placing the professional at risk. The malware has higher scalability with the ability to target multiple clients simultaneously.

Data Loss

The email account has access to a lot of information for the account owner. Some email accounts even have a person's banking details, putting their finances at risk. Apart from sending the information threats directly to the account, there’s more to be used. For example, one can use them for accessing cloud-based infrastructure and other digital services available.

An attacker with access to the email account can gather this information, making the account credentials the most viable target for these attackers.

Moreover, the information collected by attackers can also leak out to the public, putting the person’s complete existence at risk. Many individuals also face the same issue because they provide unauthorized party access to their email chain or in case they are victims of a phishing attack.

Malicious Links

Malicious links are another common approach data attackers use to make their emails deadlier for the victims. The risky links are usually within the email, leading individuals to the attacker’s web page. Once the users reach the link, all their information gets stolen without them knowing without even knowing.

In addition to information compromise, these attacks can lead to several other problems. Most attacks begin with an email, so knowing the right email security providers and your options matter.

SpamTitan has a multi-layered approach to spam detection, delivering a 99.99% Spam Catch Rate.

Top 3 Email Security Providers for added Email Security

The best way to counter these issues is to hire email security providers. These providers have the experience, expertise, tools, and professionals ready to assess and resolve any email security-related problem. However, choosing the right email security provider makes a huge difference in your overall experience.


SpamTitan is one of the highest-rated options for companies and clients looking for comprehensive protection against various email-related threats. These include:

  • Spam
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing attacks
  • Malware

The tool has an amazing spam filtering platform, a threat-catching rate of 99.99%, and a negligible false-positive rate. The platform also provides advanced protection by scanning emails in real time and removing risky content. These risks include notorious web pages and attachments.

SpamTitan provides added protection for inbound and outbound email threats. There's multi-layered threat protection for various formats and information types. These include

  • URL Analysis
  • Ransomware protection
  • Phishing
  • Inbound emails
  • Ceo impersonation protection
  • Attachment sandboxing

For more info on SpamTitan –

2. Avanan

Clients looking for cloud-based email security solutions added with complete threat protection designed for Office 365 and GSuite should check Avanan’s platform. It protects various businesses from email attacks like:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Data loss
  • Account compromise

However, Avanan is embedded within the email system and can be deployed without MX record alterations. Because of its API integration, the tool can analyze all historical emails and check for fraud perfectly.

The tool uses machine learning to identify its zero-day phishing attack with 300 compromise indicators. These include

  • Sending time
  • Location
  • Domain, etc.

3. Mimecast

Companies that want full-featured Email Secure Gateways can go for Mimecast. They are email security providers that primarily focus on enterprise users to protect against email threats.

The tool also has a lot of customizability and offers protection against email threats, allowing individuals to adjust their work as required. It also has Impersonation Protection for protection against phishing attacks. You can also find Attachment and URL protection with this tool, making it the best option for overall protection. All system updates are done in real-time, ensuring the users don't face email threats from time to time.

Best Email Security Providers: Final Verdict

Email security is a serious concern for businesses, owners, clients, and professionals. It provides comprehensive protection against all sorts of data compromises and breach. The kind of providers you choose for your company impact your overall experience. We recommend checking the top three recommendations we provided before deciding.

SpamTitan uses advanced intelligent technology to prevent sophisticated phishing attacks. Book a free demo to see how it works to prevent phishing attempts.

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Susan Morrow


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