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Email Security Pricing Comparison

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Is your organization currently looking for the best email security solution on the market? Check out this pricing comparison guide to help you compare the leading email security vendors in one place.

Why Choose SpamTitan Email Security?

  1. As you can see, SpamTitan is extremely competitively priced and starts at $1.95 per person per month.
  2. The solution guarantees 99.9% spam detection through multi-layered spam analysis including RBLs, SURBLs, Sender Policy Frameworks & Bayesian Analysis.
  3. No software installation is required, making it simple to set up and manage.
  4. No management or maintenance overheads are involved as updates and support are fully included in the product
  5. SpamTitan can also scan your outbound mail, thus preventing potential IP blacklisting.

What our customers say...

“We recently moved to SpamTitan from Mimecast. The price point was better, and the feature parity was close enough to make it an attractive move. I love the fact that you can use the dynamic recipient filtering and not have a ton of configuration on your mail server to get it working. I feel like they have many different features for spam filtering that allow the good stuff in, keep the bad stuff out, and empower users to un-junk items on their own if needed.”
-Shawn O'Brien, System Admin (Hotel Industry)

“We’ve been using the SpamTitan product for over a year. We compared this product with 4 other products (including CybeRoam and Barracuda). SpamTitan, by far, produced the best results, provided the most insight into the system, had the best false positive rate, and at such a great price it was hard to believe!”
-Go Thi, Contributor to Spiceworks Community

“SpamTitan has made a huge difference, allowing me to easily log and track email issues, maintain RFC compliance, and provides an easy UI for both myself and my users for their quarantine retrieval needs. The care and attention to detail that went into, and continues to put be into, SpamTitan make it my number 1 recommendation for email security.”
-Dowdey, Anderson & Associates

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Benefits of moving to SpamTitan include

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