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Evaluating a WiFi security solution

Looking for wireless solutions for a particular business can be daunting. When evaluating a WiFi security solution, Forrester Research advises using “the five S’s”. They recommend that you look for the following in a solution: scalable, shared, simplified, standardized, and secure.

Looking at WebTitan Cloud for WiFi with the 5 S’s in mind, let’s see how it stacks up: 

Model for evaluation of Wi-Fi security

1. Scalable

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi offer a cost-effective solution for managed service providers, when the organisation adds new customer (more than expected) and needs to move to a larger license band they are discounted the unused portion of their current license so that they are not paying for what they haven’t used. It is hugely scalable to 100's of thousands of users.

WebTitan Cloud can be hosted by your Managed Services Provider or it can be hosted in the WebTitan environment, built to current requirements with unlimited capacity for it to scale over time.

2. Shared

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a multi-tenented platform. You can create new customers and accounts easily and manage any number of locations from one account. You can also delegate administration to the customer so that they can dictate the policy of what they want their guests to be able to see. This can be set up in minutes and is all managed from an intuitive web based interface. No local software installs required.

3. Simplified

WebTitan Cloud simplifies WiFi security management. It takes care of all the complexities of content filtering and security while presenting your customers with a logical interface that requires no training. It requires NO specialist training, NO software installation and NO need for technical expertise to either set up or manage customer accounts– it’s that simple . It is a DNS based solution requiring a simple DNS redirect to the WebTitan cloud servers, thus being simple to set up and manage, completely scalable and avoiding any latency effects.

You will not need to travel or use local IT support anymore, because all security and wireless networking features can be managed centrally and remotely.

4. Standardized

Our multiple API's allows integration with your billing, auto provisioning or monitoring system. Being able to standardise across these systems provides freedom and simplicity.

5. Secure

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows the administrator to set instant alerts in order to discover who is trying to view restricted content. They can  find out exactly what content customers are accessing via your WiFi network. Policies can be created per location preventing users from accessing unwanted content and blocking malicious websites.

WebTitan Cloud is controlled centrally in a secure environment away from the location being filtered which means it cannot be accessed or manipulated by users on the guest network. Content is filtered as soon as the Guest connects limiting the scope for Guests to be able to access malware, malicious or in appropriate content. The platform can support thousands of accounts, each with an administrator with access only to controls for their own account.

How it works 

WebTitan cloud for Wi-Fi


If you are a service provider or an organization offering your clients WiFi access, a web content filter for WiFi hotspots will block potentially harmful material that could cause offence or compromise the security of your network. The implementation of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi avoids the necessity to configure routers or dedicate significant IT resources to configure individual web filters. Regardless of the number of hotspots or routers your business operates, the number of clients who need to connect, or the usage requirements, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi can be quickly and easily configured, and implemented within hours.  

WiFi security doesn’t have to be difficult

The good news is that WiFi security doesn’t have to be difficult. Businesses of all sizes can easily improve their security posture starting with these basic security principles. Using the evaluation principles above is a good start in helping you find a solution that best suits your WiFi security needs.

Make Secure Wi-Fi a Competitive Advantage for Your Business

Offering Wi-Fi to customers has many benefits, however, you must protect your business, customers and employees from accessing malicious websites resulting a cyberattack.

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