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Better Security with Email Filtering Service for MSPs

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Better Security with Email Filtering Service for MSPs

Whether your clients are small businesses or large enterprises, one of any Managed Service Provider’s (MSP) primary concerns is the security of the network environment. The start of most large data breaches is an email, so the right email filtering service for MSPs cuts down much of the security overhead and constant challenges facing modern businesses. TitanShield from TitanHQ has all the benefits of email filtering in the cloud that lets MSPs secure their client environments without the overhead and management requirements other systems require.


Ultimate Phishing Protection for MSPs

Phishing is what every MSP and enterprise struggles to mitigate, maintain, and avoid. Humans are an organization’s biggest risk, but phishing takes advantage of human mistakes. The results have been devastating for organizations that lose billions every year from data breaches and internal threats based on just one phishing email. It’s a constant struggle for every organization, and organizations often offload their email security responsibility to MSPs.

Offloading email security to an MSP doesn’t eliminate the problem. It just changes responsibility to someone else, so MSPs must find solutions. Not only do MSPs support one organization’s security, but they support potentially thousands of small and large businesses. Phishing security solutions need to support an MSP with large responsibilities with multiple clients across various environments. This is where TitanShield can help.

With TitanShield, MSPs can deploy our solution in the cloud and have a single dashboard that provides them a full view of their clients’ network health, any current ongoing attacks, and run reports to show clients the value in having an MSP deal with their email security. Not only do MSPs have every email security feature at their fingertips, but TitanHQ has several benefits specific to MSPs.

In addition to stopping the various email-based attacks in the wild, blocking malicious email also protects MSP clients from ransomware and other forms of malware. Email messages carrying payloads used to encrypt files such as those used in ransomware can cripple any business and destroys small business productivity. Some small organizations go out of businesses after a ransomware attack, so MSPs should take email security seriously and make it a priority for any customer.

MSPs using TitanShield proactive stop all forms of email-based attacks including those with malicious attachments, malicious links, or suspicious content. TitanShield quarantines suspicious messages and lets the MSP review them before releasing them to the intended recipient. By blocking messages from reaching the targeted user, an MSP greatly reduces the risk of a compromise from email messages. MSP administrators have more control over messages passing through to user inboxes including blacklists and whitelists for specific people and messages. With TitanShield, MSPs no longer react to a compromise and instead stay proactive by stopping attacks before they become critical data breaches.


Protect your MSP clients with TitanHQs best-in-class cybersecurity platform. Talk to one of our MSP advisors today on how we can protect your clients and grow your business.

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Detect and Mitigate Malware Before a Compromise

Email-based threats can do more than trick users into clicking malicious links. Some sophisticated attacks have multiple phases with the final phase involving the installation of ransomware or malware. The TitanShield solution helps stop these attacks and quarantines messages so that administrators can review threats. For administrators interested in investigating threats, the quarantined messages can be sent to security researchers to identify methods and modes of infection.

MSPs with security researchers can stay ahead of the changing cybersecurity landscape by offering a proactive approach to ransomware. Instead of dealing with incident response and the stressful environment of eradicating ransomware from a customer’s network, MSPs can view the email-based attack vector content and determine if it’s targeted or a commonly known threat. New threats are introduced in the while every day, and security researchers use quarantined files and messages to determine an attacker’s methods. With TitanShield, the MSP can take any files and cyber-assets and send them to researchers to review. This type of activity creates positive public relations for a dedicated MSP and can be used in marketing to increase customer acquisitions and attract bigger clients.

For any customers already under stress from cyber-attacks, TitanShield offers MSPs a way to reduce their cybersecurity stress and show clients that your services are the best on the market. Once customers no longer chase cyber incidents, an MSP’s reputation will grow and customer loyalty will improve.


How TitanShield Benefits MSPs and Email Security for Their Customers

The TitanShield application is cloud-based and works with DNS filtering to stop attacks. DNS filtering is the preferred method for blocking malicious links in a user’s browser, so sophisticated attacks cannot deliver their payload. When a user types a URL in their browser or clicks a malicious link, the cloud-based DNS filter blocks it during the initial lookup of the domain name matching it to an IP address.

Because payloads can’t be delivered, TitanShield is considered a proactive approach to email cybersecurity. Proactive approaches reduce overhead for MSP administrators, especially when MSP administrators have numerous clients to manage. It’s a “hands-off” approach to cybersecurity that runs quickly out of the box without many configurations to get started. Even though it works quickly without many configurations, MSP administrators can still set up the email security software to fit into their own preferences and client environments.

TitanHQ already has over 3000 MSPs signed up for our program. A few benefits TitanShield offers MSPs when they join our MSP program:

  • Cost savings on support and response overhead, especially from critical issues such as ransomware or crippling malware installations.
  • Deploy TitanShield out of the box into the cloud with few configurations. Implement security for your customers within minutes.
  • Agnostic installation works with any environment via our API
  • Pricing stays competitive regardless of the number of users added to the environment. Allow your email security to scale with your client’s business growth.
  • Offer enhanced cybersecurity for your customers without much added overhead, so your return on investment from customer acquisitions is increased. Improved SaaS solutions such as TitanShield offer you a way to support customers regardless of their location.
  • White label your email security via TitanShield so that your reports and customer analytics look professional and custom-made for each customer.
  • Take a “hands-off” approach to email cybersecurity by allowing TitanShield’s artificial intelligence to detect and mitigate email-based threats.
  • Test the TitanShield product for 14 days before you buy. We’re sure that you’ll see the improvements and value in our solution.
  • Proven world-class support that offers 24/7 help during deployments, configurations, and post-deployment troubleshooting.
  • Technical training from our support professionals gets your administrators up to speed on working with the TitanShield solution.
  • Multi-tenant dashboards keep each of your customers separate so that you stay organized and report to each individual stakeholder. Use bulk actions to handle incidents or make changes individually to follow unique customer requirements.
  • TitanHQ Certified Partner programs give you premium support, one-on-one training with our engineers, and give you a Dedicated Alliance Manager to answer any of your questions.


Benefits of the TitanShield MSP Program

TitanHQ supports thousands of customers across numerous countries, but our MSP program is unparalleled. Our MSP customers already know the value of our support and products, but here are a few benefits you can expect if you sign up to be a part of our TitanShield MSP program:

  • Premium partner support only available to our MSP customers
  • Dedicated account manager for any of your TitanHQ questions or concerns
  • An assigned sales engineer to help with configurations, troubleshooting, or system planning
  • Access to a global hotline available only to our MSP partners and their questions
  • Premium access to our knowledge-based crafted especially for our MSP partners
  • Technical support tailored especially for our MSP partners and their unique issues
  • Priority technical support is available every day of the year and 24 hours a day
  • Standard technical support is available from 5 am PST to 5 pm PST
  • Online technical support training, knowledge bases, documentation, and general frequently asked questions
  • Premium MSP partner online technical support with common FAQs, training, documentation, and knowledge base material
  • Access to our TitanHQ beta program to give you early access to our products and changes

Not only do you get premium support with our TitanShield MSP program, but we also offer you sales benefits to improve your customer marketing and acquisition strategies. A few benefits you can offer your clients include:

  • Public cloud deployments or deployments on-premises
  • White labeling or co-branding
  • API integration into your current software
  • Free 30-day evaluations to offer suggestions for optimizations and improvements
  • TitanHQ product discounts
  • Competitive pricing and upgrades
  • Tiered pricing and deals
  • Automatic renewals
  • Advanced product information available only to MSPs and their customers
  • Competitive research and threat intelligence
  • Not-for-resale product keys
  • TitanShield product brochures and sales tools
  • Partner advisory council eligibility to drive changes for TitanHQ products that fits your own success
  • Quarterly business planning and review of your deployments and configurations
  • Partner support tailored specifically for MSPs
  • Access to a partner portal specifically for our valued MSPs
  • TitanHQ’s newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news
  • Webinars for training and news
  • Partner certificates
  • Permission to use TitanHQ corporate style guide and logos
  • Welcome partner kits to get you started
  • Access to TitanHQ’s MVP rewards program


Protect your MSP clients with TitanHQs best-in-class cybersecurity platform. Talk to one of our MSP advisors today on how we can protect your clients and grow your business.

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