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MSP Initiative Live with Conor Hynes

TitanHQ's Conor Hynes recently joined George Bardissi on the latest MSP Initiative Live episode.

In this webinar, industry experts discuss the latest trends and challenges faced by MSPs in 2024.

Conor Hynes, an expert in cybersecurity solutions, serves as the Director of Product Management and Data Strategy at TitanHQ, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

MSP Initiative is an organization that is passionate about connecting independent individuals and companies from across the IT and Managed Services landscape to form a dynamic and inclusive community. The organization believes in the power of collaboration and is committed to building a new voice that represents the collective interests of IT professionals everywhere.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insightful discussions on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats.
  • Strategies for MSPs to streamline operations and enhance client services.
  • Introduction to innovative solutions offered by Titan HQ to address MSP needs.

Watch on-demand:


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