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New SafeTitan features now available to support enhanced security awareness training for MSPs.

@TitanHQ, TitanHQ, the leading SaaS cybersecurity platform vendor, today announced the release of the latest version of SafeTitan security awareness training (SAT). At TitanHQ, we focus on continually innovating to protect our customers from threats and address new challenges in the digital space. Today, we are excited to announce some important SafeTitan product updates and several much-awaited feature requests.  These new features are immediately available for all existing and new SafeTitan customers. 

The new Multi-Lure feature ensures randomized lures are delivered during a phishing campaign. Humans are quick to see patterns, so sending out campaigns on a random basis means delivery is unexpected.  These randomized lures delivered during a phishing campaign reduce 'cheating' as the chance of internal communication of lures is avoided as there is no advance notice and lures are randomized. Randomized lures are sent during working hours, providing a realistic pseudo-phishing experience. Frequent bursts of randomized phishing campaigns followed by training reinforce the learning experience.  

By leveraging sophisticated randomization techniques, our new feature maintains the element of surprise while ensuring prompt and timely delivery, guaranteeing high levels of diversity in every phishing campaign you conduct.  

The new Multi-Lure feature is a powerful tool in the MSP arsenal, helping MSPs create dynamic and adaptive training scenarios that genuinely resonate with your team. By exposing users to an array of phishing lures, you equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively identify and mitigate potential risks.  

Reactive Training is now available with SafeTitan within the MSP layer; this feature is an option with a limited number of security awareness training providers. Reactive Training allows the administrator to identify a user's insecure behaviour in real-time and appropriately tailor any follow-up training. This approach ensures you stay one step ahead in maintaining a highly trained and vigilant team.  

The power of reactive training lies in its ability to address potential vulnerabilities proactively.  With this feature, every interaction a user has with a phishing simulation message is recorded. SafeTitan captures this data so that you can identify repeat offenders, high-risk departments, or locations, and apply the appropriate security training. By harnessing the potential of Reactive Training, MSPs can foster a security-conscious culture and continuously strengthen customer defences against evolving cyber threats. SafeTitan ensures every user's expertise is continually honed, bolstering your organization's overall resilience.  

 This feature complements your cybersecurity efforts by seamlessly integrating with your workflow, saving valuable time and resources—no more manual assessment but a dynamic, self-improving security ecosystem. With SafeTitan, you can quickly increase efficiency and security. This latest release also includes several UX updates that will make navigating within SafeTitan more seamless.  

To learn more about SafeTitan Security Awareness Training or to see these new features in action, please request a demo here. 



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