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TitanHQ Press Releases

Introducing PhishTitan’s Auto Remediation Feature

Empowering MSPs and Administrators to Enhance Email Security for Advanced Phishing Attacks on M365. 

Galway, Ireland and Shelton, US – 14/03/24.  TitanHQ, the leading cloud-based email security solutions provider for over two decades, is excited to introduce a new PhishTitan solution feature. This innovative feature is designed to transform M365 email security management for MSPs and administrators. 

PhishTitan is a cutting-edge, native M365 anti-phishing solution that blocks and remediates threats like business email compromise (BEC), account takeover, VIP impersonation, zero-day attacks, and much more. PhishTitan is an Integrated Cloud Email Security solution (ICES) specializing in preventing the most damaging and sophisticated phishing attacks. 

Auto Remediation empowers administrators to tailor the management of malicious emails based on the severity level, providing enhanced protection against email-based threats. Instead of risking exposure to malicious emails, even with applied banners, PhishTitan grants administrators the capability to divert such emails directly to the junk folder automatically, thus providing an automated layer of risk mitigation for end users. PhishTitans Auto Remediation acts as a virtual SOC, augmenting your security team.  

Who Benefits from Auto Remediation? 

  • MSP Administrators: Auto Remediation reduces the risk for MSPs and users. 
  • IT Administrators: Minimize risk for their users with tailored email management. 
  • End Users: Enhance protection against malicious emails, especially for those who may overlook warning banners. 

Auto-Remediation is an automated incident response feature of PhishTitan that automatically removes malicious emails. Auto remediation sends malicious emails to the Microsoft junk folder. 

In addition to adding auto-remediation, TitanHQ will be deploying a significant enhancement that will improve the efficacy of PhishTitan. The change results from extensive data analysis, recent phishing trends, and user feedback. PhishTitans' current performance has been sensational – for every 80,000 emails received, PhishTitan is catching 20 unique and sophisticated phishing attacks that Microsoft’s elite and expensive E5 premium security is missing. 

Some Other Notable Recent Feature Additions to PhishTitan:  

QR Code Protection: QR codes have gained popularity but carry risks. Fraudulent codes could redirect users to deceptive websites that appear legitimate, enabling scams to continue unchecked.  PhishTitan can protect from email based QR phishing scams. Where QR codes are embedded in emails we analyse the associated URL and assess its risk. URLs that lead to malicious sites are identified and PhishTitan informs users of the risks. 

Allow Listing: Enables customers to minimize false positives by adding trusted senders to an allow list, ensuring critical emails are not flagged as phishing. 

Notification Service: Extends PhishTitan's reach beyond the application itself by providing notifications into Microsoft Teams, with plans for other endpoints in the future. 

Dark Mode: A user-friendly addition to the PhishTitan UI, enhancing user experience for administrators spending prolonged periods within the application. 

According to Ronan Kavanagh, TitanHQ CEO, "We are excited to introduce Auto Remediation, QR code protection and many additional powerful new features to our valued customers. At TitanHQ, we collaborate closely with partners to develop tailored solutions addressing critical customer IT security challenges. PhishTitan provides MSPs with an unmatched value proposition, featuring effortless deployment and lucrative recurring revenue streams, ultimately delivering a positive return on investment.

With Auto Remediation and these latest features, TitanHQ reaffirms its position as a leader in the email security landscape, setting new standards for proactive threat mitigation and user-centric design. These developments reflect TitanHQ's commitment to continually innovate and provide comprehensive email security solutions to meet the evolving needs of MSPs. 

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About TitanHQ  

TitanHQ is a 25-year-old multi-award-winning SaaS cybersecurity platform delivering a layered security solution to businesses globally. TitanHQ offers cutting-edge technologies and robust solutions to protect SMBs and MSPs against phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks that can compromise data and disrupt operations.  

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