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How to Influence Human Behavior To Reduce Cyber Risk – Interview with Expert Insights

Galway, Ireland and Connecticut, USA. 19 April 2022

Stephen Burke, Product Director of SafeTitan, talks with Experts Insights on how organizations can not only deliver security awareness training, but also measure its effectiveness.

This interview follows TitanHQ's acquisition of Cyber Risk Aware, now known as SafeTitan Security Awareness Training.

Security awareness training (SAT) is the process of teaching users how to identify cybersecurity and data protection risks, as well as the best practices they should follow to help reduce those risks.

Almost 1 in 5 organizations only provide security awareness training to their employees once a year—which makes it highly unlikely that those employees will actually retain any of the information they’re given, let alone be able to apply it in real life situations.

Burke states “People cyber risk affects every company in every sector around the whole world. But there are sectors like financial services, law firms and retail and manufacturing, which have higher regulatory requirements.” 

"SafeTitan is the only behavior driven security training solution that delivery contextual training in real-time."

In this interview with Expert Insights, Stephen talks about:

  • The importance of organizations to implement a human-centric solution
  • The challenges a SAT solves
  • How to measure effectiveness of SAT  with SafeTitan
  • Best practices for phishing simulations
  • How to inspire staff to become a “human firewall” for the organisatio
  • SAT compliance

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