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TitanHQ Press Releases

SpamTitan: Wannacry Ransomware Update

Friday the 12th of May 2017 saw a major global cyber attack using ransomware. The attack dubbed "Wannacry" has targeted businesses and caused major disruption worldwide. It targets a Microsoft vulnerability which has been left unpatched, and if successful encrypts files on the PC, requiring Bitcoin payment to secure decryption. Full details on the attack can be read here

SpamTitan Cloud

For TitanHQ customers who use our SpamTitan Cloud service, please be assured that our antivirus service is blocking this attack and we are working closely with our providers to ensure optimal protection.

SpamTitan Gateway/SpamTitan Private Cloud

If you are a TitanHQ customer using our on premises SpamTitan Gateway solution, or our hosted SpamTitan Private Cloud solution we would recommend that you check to ensure that your Kaspersky and Clam antivirus are both turned "on" and are set to update every hour. Both functions can be found under the Content filtering>Viruses tab. If you are in any doubt you can perform a manual update by clicking "start" under the Update Now tab.

Our security engineers will continue to monitor this situation and will contact you with any further advice if need be. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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