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TitanHQ Announces New Customer Win with Global Satellite Operator Eutelsat

Leading satellite operator Eutelsat recently deployed WebTitan for Wi-Fi to secure company Wi-Fi across multiple locations.

Eutelsat is the leading satellite operator in over 150 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company has grown into one of the world’s leading satellite operators, providing video, data, broadband and government services through a fleet of high-performance satellites delivering global coverage, and stimulating a varied and vibrant ecosystem of high-tech companies. They employ over 1,000 commercial, technical and operational professionals across  44 countries.

Eutelsat now uses WebTitan for Wi-Fi to protect their corporate and guest Wi-Fi from malware and phishing. Organizations are under increasing pressure to provide W-Fi access to employees and guests. However, the provision of a Wi-Fi hotspot can be risky. Wi-Fi users can be exposed to objectionable material and the security of their mobile devices – and an organizations Wi-Fi network can be inadvertently compromised by malware introduced to the network.

WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi  enables organizations to:

  • Control the content that can be accessed by users (employees, guest or customers).
  • Create a safe environment in which to access the Internet
  • Provide your organization with reports regarding network usage – possibly to tailor your services to your clients´ needs.
  • Protect their brand: business owners do not want any issues arising from providing Wi-Fi access on their premises, such as users accessing unsuitable content from their network or violating any laws when online.
  • Protect users:  the internet is the main conduit of malware online. Owners want to assure users they are safe when using the Wi-Fi network.
  • Save bandwidth: prevent users from using the Wi-Fi network to download large amounts of content, such as streaming websites, or videos or movies.

The risks of providing wireless Internet access can be mitigated by implementing a web content filter for Wi-Fi.  WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi allows Eutelsat to control the content that can be accessed on their Wi-Fi network, creates a safe environment to access the internet, and provides your organization with reports regarding network usage.

TitanHQ continues to expand its customer base with the ongoing addition of new customers across multiple industries.  Ronan Kavanagh, TitanHQ  CEO explains "Our current levels of achievement and growth, including what we've seen in the past six months, prove that companies are recognizing the value of our commitment to Wi-Fi security across our offerings and our customer-first culture. We are extremely excited to see what 2019 will bring for both our newly signed customers and our existing client base."

For further information about WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi, details of pricing, and to sign up for a demo, contact us today.

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