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TitanHQ Brings Friendly WiFi to Mocha Beans

Tampa, FL and Galway, Ireland, 2nd February, 2016 - Mocha Beans have become the first coffee shop chain in the Republic of Ireland to be accredited with the Friendly WiFi symbol and will soon be displaying the ‘Friendly WiFi’ symbol across their stores. This means that their public WiFi service has been checked and verified to meet a minimum level of content filtering making their service safe for children and young people when browsing the internet.

The WiFi Friendly scheme was launched in the UK after concerns were raised by leading child safety charities that children and young people were being put at risk of viewing and accessing inappropriate material when using public WiFi. Customers seeing the WiFi friendly symbol can feel assured that that location offers safe public WiFi. The WiFi network, filtered using TitanHQ’s WebTitan for WiFi, automatically blocks dangerous web pages as well as blocking malware, phishing and pornography including the Internet Watch Foundation’s URL list of blocked websites.

Joining the scheme was important to Mocha Beans as they pride themselves on providing a family friendly environment and this includes a free in-store WiFi service. ‘Our network security provider TitanHQ spoke to us about the importance of providing a safe environment for our hotspot guests and  ensuring customers are protected from being exposed to inappropriate content by others” said Cathal Keogh, MD Mocha Beans.

WiFi Friendly accreditation demonstrates Mocha Beans commitment to ensure safe browsing for their customers.  ‘Providing guest WiFi in a coffee shop or restaurant is now expected.   It was important for us to ensure we did everything possible to protect guests while using our free WiFi service’ say Cathal Keogh, MD Mocha Beans. 

According to Ronan Kavanagh CEO at TitanHQ “today’s businesses know that security threats are evolving rapidly and constantly. For those offering public WiFi, WebTitan for WiFi allows them to deliver secure browsing via the cloud on any device, anytime”. With the help of WebTitan for WiFi, companies can protect visitors from visiting dangerous web sites while using WiFi at their premises. These threats range from inadvertently visiting a dangerous malware laden website or other inappropriate or illegal sites.

For more information about WebTitan for WiFi, please visit  or email us at

About TitanHQ

TitanHQ provides small and medium sized businesses worldwide with comprehensive network security protection through their award-winning suite of email and web security solutions. In operation since 1999 TitanHQ has a deep understanding of the increasingly complex IT threats that face IT professionals today. Offering businesses a comprehensive, yet affordable subscription-based suite of security solutions that incorporates the latest spam and virus protection, web security and email archiving technology.

With an impressive 92.4 % customer retention rate the company has customer in 129 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, the company also operates a US office in Tampa, Florida as well as 75 partner offices worldwide. For more information, please visit

About Mocha Beans

The first Mocha Beans store opened in Galway in 1997 by Cathal  Keogh.  With coffee sourced from all over the world they  pay great attention to the conditions of the farmers who need fair prices to keep producing. Mocha Beans roast and package all their coffee weekly providing a unique taste special to Mocha Beans. This enthusiasm for coffee had led to substantial growth with the chain increasing to 10 shops in Ireland in 2015.

Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi Ireland is an initiative of The Internet College of Ireland and Friendly WiFi UK , the world's first public WiFi safety accreditation scheme created by the Registered Digital Institute in partnership with industry in response to demand for  safer public WiFi.

For more information on the Friendly WiFi accreditation, visit

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