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TitanHQ debut SpamTitan 7.11 which includes new Geo-blocking feature.

SpamTitan award winning email security  now includes a number of Geoblocking filtering features suitable for any business internationally. These new features were added as part of the SpamTitan product suite at no additional cost to customers.

Leading email and web security vendor TitanHQ today launched SpamTitan 7.11, the latest version of their award winning email security solution. The new version of TitanHQ’s cloud-based anti-spam service and anti-spam software was released on September 14th. Geo-blocking is the latest enhancement to  SpamTitan 7.11. Geoblocking allows clients and partners to easily restrict or allow email from specific destinations based on IP or country.

Geoblocking to reduce geographic threat vectors

Geoblocking has become an essential feature for organizations of all sizes that wish to reduce geographic threat vectors for their organizations and totally eliminate unwanted email from any country.  Most spam containing malware originates overseas from a range of key countries. By blocking these geographies with SpamTitan you can dramatically reduce spam. Geoblocking a country or blocking multiple countries with the SpamTitan Country IP Database could not be easier. SpamTitan 7.11 also allows exemptions to geoblocking rules in order to exclude mail based on a trusted sender's IP, domain, or email address.

Full technical information on the functionality is available here. 

SpamTitan 7.11 also includes improved sandboxing to protect against malware, spear-phishing, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malicious URLs, offering insight into new threats and helping mitigate risks. The new release includes several improvements and bug fixes for recently identified issues. Improvements include enhanced email rendering in Mail Viewer, ability to now remove quarantine report token expiry and improved domain verification and much more.

For SpamTitan Cloud customers, your updates are managed automatically providing you with the very latest updates and fixes.

According to Ronan Kavanagh, CEO,  TitanHQ “Geoblocking has been a much-requested feature and as always we listen to our customer and provide what they need to implement the very best email security they can. After experiencing 30% growth in 2021, TitanHQ expects these product enhancements and new features to make 2021 another record-breaking year ”.

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