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TitanHQ Press Releases

TitanHQ launches WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, providing immediate security for WiFi environments.

We are delighted to announce the launch of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, a cloud-based internet security and access control service that enables managed service providers (MSP’s) offer secure and filtered WiFi to their customers.

Tampa, FL and Galway, Ireland, 17th February, 2016 – TitanHQ, formerly SpamTitan Technologies, a world leader in email and web security solutions for business since 1999, has launched WebTitan Cloud for WiFi. This advanced DNS based cloud filtering solution makes it easy and profitable for MSP’s to offer web filtering and security to customers with guest WiFi networks.

‘We have hundreds of MSPs using SpamTitan for email filtering, ensuring their clients get clean email delivered. We  are now seeing a significant increase in MSPs adding our web filtering to their service portfolio for secure connectivity and access control. Wi-Fi has given us the freedom to work when and where we want, but it’s vital that access points are secure” said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ.

How WebTitan Cloud for WiFi works :


MSPs offering WiFi services must provide bulletproof security and proactively block malicious and inappropriate content on their customers’ Wi-Fi networks. Using WebTitan Cloud for WiFi  MSPs can deliver without adding costly equipment or staff.

With WebTitan for WiFi Hotspots, MSPs get :

  • Straightforward cloud based administration 
  • The ability to centrally control multiple routers/locations
  • The ability to scale to any number of routers and any number of locations
  • The ability to add new locations in minutes
  • Unlimited usage
  • Support for dynamic or changing IP’s
  • Multi device support

In a world of increasing internet risk, customers like coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, public transport and airports demand visibility into their providers’ security posture. MSPs must deliver dependable, secure WiFi solutions to these diverse public locations. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows them to do this while providing extensive reporting on network usage/traffic.

According to TitanHQ CEO, Ronan Kavanagh,  “WebTitan’s scalable, advanced DNS-based filtering makes it easy for an MSP to offer latency-free cloud content filtering and security to customers. This DNS based filter enables MSPs to offer secure WiFi services that are easy to bundle and the generous margins available will significantly increase partner revenue and cash flow."

To learn more about how MSP’s can benefit from WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, please email us at or  visit  

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