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TitanHQ Releases Predictive Phishing Detection to Combat Automated Bot Phishing Campaigns

Galway, Ireland. Connecticut, US July 18th, 2022.

TitanHQ is delighted to announce the release of predictive phishing detection enhancements to the SpamTitan Plus solution. Predictive phishing detection will allow organizations predict and block phishing campaigns including preventing personalized URL attacks. With SpamTitan Plus predictive phishing attacks are proactively identified, allowing organizations to block phishing attacks before they can be delivered and propagate.

Often, phishing attacks use personalized URLs when targeting a victim.  These URLs can be personalized at the path and/or parameters level.  Because each URL is unique, current phishing detection provides little to no protection against these types of attacks. The result is that the attack continues to grow because the thousands of personalized URLs are not blocked until AFTER they are delivered. At this point, it’s too late as the phishing attack has already been delivered.

These personalized URL attacks can be used for phishing campaigns, social engineering attacks, reputation attacks, and malware distribution. Many of the phishing detection feeds available don’t curate the intelligence to be able to inform customers of the level at which a specific phishing campaign should be blocked.

“With predictive phishing detection, SpamTitan Plus can now combat automated bot phishing. At TitanHQ we always strive to innovate and develop solutions that solve real-security problems and provide tangible value to our customers. The end goal is to have our partners and customers two or three steps ahead of the phishers and cybercriminals’ said Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ.

The new predictive phishing detection is delivered as part of the SpamTitan Plus features set and is available immediately to all SpamTitan Plus customers at no extra cost.

For more information on SpamTitan Plus and the new Predictive Phishing Detection:

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