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WebTitan per location policies - now available for all organizations.

TitanHQ is excited to announce the release of WebTitan Cloud 4.12 which offers the option of per location policies for WebTitan Cloud customers. This feature is now available for  WebTitan Cloud customers wishing to flexibly filter users on a per-location basis and benefit from the resulting location-aware granularity of reports.

WebTitan Cloud enables flexible, location-aware filtering policies so users can be assigned to policies with different internet controls depending on their location and whether they’re on or off the organizations network.  WebTitan Cloud notifies users of the filtering policies in place with branded, customizable block pages, and offers approved cloud keys to bypass these pages. With WebTitan 4.12,  MSPs can now layer your policies according to location. and manage multiple locations under one account which saves time and improves visibility across customer locations.  

The latest version of WebTitan Cloud also offers increased search functionality with the addition of a search filter on the history page allowing administrators to search by location name with autocomplete.  This means MSPs can now select a customer account and get a second by second play of all traffic within a specific location without the need to run a specific location report.

TitanHQs core market is the Managed Service Provider (MSP) servicing the SMB market. The ability to have a multi-tenant, scalable, easy to run private cloud instance at an affordable price point has proven a huge success in the MSP market.  WebTitan Cloud for Service Providers has been purpose-built to allow Managed Service Providers to offer web filtering controls and browsing protection to their customers. The solution  saves MSP’s support and engineering cost by stopping cyber threats at source for their clients.  It is a multi-tenant solution and API-driven to allow integration with existing customer deployment, billing, and management tools. It is fully brandable. The end user interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

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