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Open Source

Third-party software license agreements

TitanHQ products may contain third-party software for which TitanHQ is required to provide attribution. Some of the Third-party Programs are available under open source or free software licenses. The License Agreement accompanying the Licensed Software does not alter any rights or obligations you may have under those source or free software licenses. You can request the lastest document and or appendix that contains proprietary notices for the Third-party Programs and the licenses for the Third-party Programs, where applicable. The copyright statements and licenses apply to various open-source software components (or portions thereof) that are distributed with the Licensed Software.

The Licensed Software that includes this file does not necessarily use all the open-source software components referred to below and may also only use portions of a given component.

Refer to the following for third-party software attributions appropriate to each TitanHQ product:

To request the TitanHQ Third-party software licence agreements please contact us.

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