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SaaS Email Security

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SaaS Email Security

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery and access models have revolutionized the way that we work, providing always-on internet access to cloud-based apps; similarly, SaaS email security solutions have made email protection more effortless and more seamless; and SaaS email security solution will ensure that protection applies to both inbound and outbound SaaS email services. In addition, because SaaS provides centralization and automation options for ensuring emails are secure, this email security solution is cost-effective and simplifies installation, configuration, and management. 


The Challenges of Email Security

Emails offer a perfect vehicle for cybercriminals intent on harming an organization. Therefore, email security is vital as cybercriminals increasingly use this channel to enter the enterprise network. This is borne out by sophisticated email attacks that use a variety of phishing tactics, including spear phishing and zero-minute exploits, causing 90% of data breaches

Email security attacks involve complex, often multi-step, phishing and social engineering. Malicious emails typically contain malicious links or infected attachments. Phishing is a continuous and sophisticated attempt at hacking a company, which sees IT teams putting significant amounts of time into dealing with cyber incidents. Unfortunately, the time and resources required to fight cyber-attacks take IT staff away from an organization's core business. 

If an email-based attack is successful, the result can be devastating. For example, recent research shows that over 78% of organizations were victims of an email-based ransomware attack. As a result, email security is an ongoing challenge that requires advanced solutions to take the burden of email protection from IT teams. The SaaS email security solution SpamTitan Plus from TitanHQ answers this challenge.


Advanced SaaS Email Security to meet the Challenge

SpamTitan Plus SaaS email security solution is designed to meet the complex challenges of modern email-borne cyber-attacks head-on. The delivery of our email security is via a SaaS model. Using this cloud-based model ensures that email protection is up and running in minutes and maintained at the levels needed to stop modern cyber-attacks. Alongside the ease of deployment and management afforded using SaaS delivery, our world-class email security solution provides all the capabilities required to execute effective security policies and stop modern cyber-attacks from harming your organization. These capabilities are enhanced and enabled using a centralized deployment and management model. As a result, email security policies and controls can be swiftly implemented, updated, and enforced across an expanded network, including on remote devices.


Multi-layered cloud-based Controls

SpamTitan is a multi-layered cloud-based email security solution deployed using a SaaS model. The controls offered by SpamTitan are comprehensive and cover the areas:

  • Sender/recipient verification - verify that the users sending or viewing an email are legitimate.
  • Content filtering – centralized anti-spam engine. Filters and quarantines, centrally, to prevent malware infection.
  • Content analysis - detect and prevent malicious URLs and attachments.
  • Post mail delivery and metrics – central console to review and analyze delivery metrics.

These capabilities are managed using a central overarching cloud platform; therefore, scalability, end-to-end TLS encryption, robust authentication, and redundancy are supported.


Easy to Deploy SaaS Email Security

SpamTitan Plus is deployed using a cloud-based subscription service. A cloud deployment model of SpamTitan SaaS email security means no costly hardware components and no additional infrastructure requirements are required. Installation, deployment, management, and maintenance are fast and easy. The platform's administration is through a single pane of glass web-based console.

Protect your business with the newest “zero-day” threat protection and intelligence against phishing, business email compromise and zero-day attacks with PhishTitan.

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Cost-effective SaaS Email Security

Effective email security is delivered by TitanHQ or via an MSP using the SaaS model; this deployment requires no upfront costs and is based on a low monthly subscription fee. 


Comprehensive SaaS Email Security

The SpamTitan Plus SaaS solution is comprehensive and includes the following:

  • Advanced anti-phishing using intelligent technologies.
  • Data loss prevention from data exposure due to outbound email.
  • Malicious URL detection.

Options for additional SaaS-delivered functionality include:

SpamTitan comprehensive SaaS email security solution stops some of the most damaging cyber threats, including:

  • Spam and malware: Effective spam prevention that uses intelligent technologies to prevent zero-day exploits.
  • Ransomware: TitanHQ’s SaaS email security solutions prevent ransomware infections, by quarantining suspicious emails. Fast checks ensure that no legitimate email is affected.
  • Polymorphic malware: hard to detect polymorphic malware is no match for the intelligence applied by SpamTitan.
  • Sophisticated and complex phishing emails: phishing such as spear-phishing, barrel phishing, and CEO fraud is stopped by SpamTitans anti-phishing software. 
  • Insider threats and data leaks: TitanHQ’s data loss protection (DLP) component scans all outbound emails for potential security policy breaches and prevents data exposure.


Advanced Phishing Detection

Phishing attackers work hard to evade detection by email gateways. To ensure that these sophisticated attacks are detected, TitanHQ uses intelligent technologies. Our SaaS email security solution is AI-driven and uses the advanced capability to prevent email phishing that exploits "zero-day" or "zero-minute" attacks. To achieve this level of email protection, TitanHQ uses AI-driven threat intelligenceThe AI algorithm is trained using multi-millions of data points and applied to detect dangerous URLs and malicious landing pages. Further advanced technologies handled using the SaaS model include 'time of click' protection that detects polymorphic malware. In addition, our SaaS email security solution quickly reacts to threats, using a centralized inspection point and sandbox to prevent these threats from becoming incidents.    


Third-party add-ons and SaaS Email Security

Office 365 is a SaaS platform delivering email via Microsoft Outlook. SpamTitan provides native integration with Office 365 email, simplifying business email security and removing human error. In addition, the deployment of Office 365 email security add-ons, along with enforcement of email security policies, is simple using a SaaS email security solution. 


Outbound Email Security Using a SaaS Model.

The mis sending of emails can expose sensitive data, putting your company at risk of regulatory non-compliance. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is an essential part of email security to ensure that a company is not exposed to the impact of data loss via outbound emails. An advanced SaaS email security solution, such as SpamTitan, provides two-way email security controls managed and enforced via a centralized console. Outbound email security settings are configured using this central cloud console. Any outbound email is scanned as it leaves an organization's mail server; if the email is found to breach the security rules, the email will be quarantined. 

SpamTitan's SaaS email security Data Loss Prevention (DLP) prevents sensitive data from leaving the corporate network. Our email security solution protects intellectual property, customer data, and other sensitive and proprietary information. Our DLP solution uses a SaaS delivery model to safeguard sensitive data seamlessly and dynamically. In addition, the DLP component uses built-in classification templates that can be customized to reflect your email security policies. These policies are used by the SaaS DLP email security component to encrypt, quarantine, and reduce the risk of sensitive data being accidentally (or maliciously) shared via private accounts, mass data exports, etc.


Designed for MSP or in-house SaaS Delivery

TitanHQs products are developed as SaaS security solutions. This means they can be deployed easily by in-house IT teams or through an MSP (managed service provider). The SaaS model makes administration easy and installation fast and seamless. In addition, an MSP can provide SpamTitan Plus to multiple clients, as the solution is adapted for MSP remote delivery and management.

Protect your business with the newest “zero-day” threat protection and intelligence against phishing, business email compromise and zero-day attacks with PhishTitan.

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