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Phishing Simulation Beta Program

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Phishing Simulation Beta Program

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: the TitanHQ’s Phishing Simulation Solution! As a trusted partner, we invite you to be among the first to experience this powerful tool designed to enhance your organization’s cybersecurity awareness.

What is the Phishing Simulation Solution?

Our solution allows you to simulate real-world phishing scenarios within your organization. By sending targeted emails, we assess how well your employees can spot and respond to phishing threats. Here’s what you’ll gain:

1) Malicious Links Testing: We’ll send simulated phishing emails containing deceptive links. This will test whether your employees can spot and avoid clicking on potentially harmful URLs

2) Data Collection via Web Forms: Fraudsters often trick users into sharing sensitive information through fake web forms. Our simulation will assess whether your team is prone to divulging confidential data.

Why Participate in the Beta Program?

  • Early Access: As a beta participant, you’ll get exclusive access to our cutting-edge solution before its official release. Be at the forefront of cybersecurity training!

  • Feedback Opportunities: Your input matters! Share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with us during the beta phase. Your feedback will shape the final product.

  • Enhanced Security: By participating, you’ll strengthen your organization’s defenses against phishing attacks. Educated employees are the first line of defense.

How to Join:

  • Complete the form on this page to sign up for the beta program. Once we review your submission we will be in touch with further details.

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