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MSP Training for Security Awareness

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MSP Training for Security Awareness

MSPs are an essential part of many organizations' security strategies. An MSP provides SMEs and increasingly larger enterprises with advanced security solutions at an affordable price. However, the MSP marketplace is competitive; the USA has around 40,000 MSP companies, and the UK has almost 11,500. An MSP must offer advanced security solutions that help mitigate the sophisticated multi-part scams businesses face. One such solution is providing clients with security awareness training and phishing simulations.

Transform your MSP's security strategy with SafeTitan's advanced simulated phishing campaigns, tailored training, real-time metrics, and automated deployment.

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Why Offer Clients Security Awareness Training?

Human-centered attack tactics have opened doors for cybercriminals. By manipulating an organization's people, cybercriminals must no longer hack into a server programmatically. Instead, the attacker tricks an employee into handing over their login credentials. This is the equivalent of being given the key to the front door. This system of behavior manipulation to open network doors has led to a proliferation of cyber-attacks. Drivers adding to the explosion of cyber-attacks and scams include the use of 'as-a-service' malware and phishing kits. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 74% of data breaches involve a human factor. Social engineering and credential misuse are two of the top causes of these breaches, with 44% of social engineering attacks leveraging phishing. 

The Attraction of the Human Element in Cybersecurity Attacks

The people in a company, its broader supply chain, and non-employees are an attractive target for cybercriminals looking to make money - 95% of breaches have a financial motivation. An MSP is likely highly aware of the threat of cyber-attacks, with a Datto survey finding that 85% of MSPs have experienced attacks against their SMB clients. Armed with this knowledge, an MSP is in an ideal position to offer a solution to the human-centered nature of modern cybercrime - security awareness training.

MSP Security Awareness Training

A report from Datto on MSP opportunities in security services found that almost half (43%) of SMBs want to implement cybersecurity training for employees. This may be because SMBs see a lack of end-user and administrator cybersecurity training (23% and 19%, respectively) as being at the heart of their cybersecurity problems. This all makes sense considering one of the core findings of the Datto report, which was that business IT leaders' top concern is phishing. Datto points out that any MSP that provides email security and security training with phishing simulations can expect revenue growth possibilities.

With the focus on human-centered attacks in mind, how can MSP training be delivered that addresses the seriousness of the modern plague of complex phishing?

Transform your MSP's security strategy with SafeTitan's advanced simulated phishing campaigns, tailored training, real-time metrics, and automated deployment.

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The Components of Security Awareness Training

An MSP may think security awareness training can only be performed in-house, which is incorrect. Advanced security awareness training platforms provide a sophisticated and automated solution that is ideal for delivery by an MSP. Security awareness training delivered by an MSP is beneficial for an SMB without specialist security staff. The application to an MSP delivery model can be understood by exploring the components of an advanced, automated security awareness training platform, like SafeTitan. Typical features of an automated security awareness platform include the following:

  • SafeTitan provides multiple forms of training to ensure that employees understand the details of how phishing works. The training can consist of interactive videos gamified to enhance learning and help with understanding.
  • The use of simulated phishing campaigns that reflect real-world threats. An MSP can use the SafeTitan simulated phishing platform to generate realistic phishing messages to train employees.
  • Tailored training, including role-based simulated phishing campaigns to train employees at high risk of threats such as Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • In-training feedback that is contextual feedback to help employees develop an understanding of what would happen if they were interacting with an actual phishing email.
  • Behavior-led training tailored to an employee's individual or role.
  • Extended security awareness training that covers areas such as safe use of the internet, password hygiene, GDPR training, and mobile security.

MSP-Centric Security Awareness Training and Delivery

  • Cloud-based centralized roll-out and control
  • Centralized dashboard that is used to generate real-time metrics and reports. These can be used to tailor simulated phishing sessions further to improve the effectiveness of the training.
  • Provides scheduled client reporting.
  • Always-on phishing campaigns that can be automated for ease of delivery. For example, an MSP can create an annual phishing simulation campaign in minutes. 
  • The average time for an MSP to set up four quarterly security awareness training campaigns for customers is less than 14 minutes. 
  • Support for multi-tenancy.
  • Supports multiple client training sessions with deployment in a few clicks.

Effectiveness of Security Awareness Training

An automated phishing training solution like SafeTitan, when delivered by an expert in security services, such as an MSP, can have a significant positive impact on SMB security. Some TitanHQ research has found the following:

Regular security awareness training is also essential for effective security awareness and mitigation of phishing. 


MSP Training and Security Awareness

Automated security awareness training is vital for an MSP and for effective training. Automation means that regular training can take place. This fits with USENIX research that shows regular training of 4-6 months optimizes security awareness training outcomes. Automation saves an MSP time and money. Automation options in security awareness training solutions, like SafeTitan, automate repetitive tasks such as setting up and deploying phishing simulation exercises. Using a platform with automation ensures that training is ‘always on’ but can still be tailored for individual behavior. Advanced solutions such as SafeTitan leverage AI to modify training based on user behavior.

SafeTitan provides an MSP with a highly competitive offering in a busy marketplace. Contact TitanHQ's experts to find out more about how you can offer your clients award-winning security awareness training. 

Transform your MSP's security strategy with SafeTitan's advanced simulated phishing campaigns, tailored training, real-time metrics, and automated deployment.

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