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SafeTitan Video Walkthrough

SafeTitan Security Awareness Training For MSPs

SafeTitan for MSP's is an enterprise-grade Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation platform for MSP's and their SMB clients.

MSP's can’t underestimate the serious threat phishing presents their clients and their businesses. Cybercriminals use all kinds of scams, and any one of your customers can be a target.

SafeTitan for MSP's empowers you to train your clients on how to defend against cybercrime, offering MSP's an affordable and scalable security awareness training solution to enhance your security stack, grow your security business and realize ROI.

It is purpose-built for MSP's to deliver exactly what your clients need to guard against phishing threats.

Our video is an introduction to SafeTitan for MSPs, to learn more about specific areas, set the video to your preferred time:

00:05 – Password Protection
01:05 – Email Security
02:05 – Web Security
03:05 – Staying Safe with Strong Passwords
04:05 – California Consumer Privacy Act
05:05 – Online Security Health Check
06:05 – Working Remotely
07:05 - Shoulder Surfing

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