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The TitanHQ team have worked on email anti-spam solutions for transportation businesses, web filtering for transportation businesses and email archiving for transport for over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of the web security issues that all transportation businesses have protecting staff and customers. Our transportation industry experience extends across aviation, aircraft, airports, highway carriers, motor carriers, commercial motor coaches, school buses, vehicle licensing systems, maritime transportation systems, rail systems and terminals, monorails, heavy rail, subways, metros, light rail, passenger rail, regional and local courier services, mail services, mail management firms and chartered and delivery services. We’re also a member of Digital Friendly WiFi and the Internet Watch Foundation.

Key Product Features

Malware Protection

Keep users devices malware free - block dangerous sites to reduce the risk of malware infections.


Device integration and secure BYOD. Obligation for businesses to provide secure WiFi.


Scalable solution for transport networks of all sizes.


Extensive drill down reporting on all solutions. These reports can be scheduled, or exported in multiple formats.


World class support - we are renowned for our focus on supporting customers.


Granular controls allow transport networks to extensively filter objectionable online content.


Flexible – on premises and cloud options available. Set-up is very easy and your business will see immediate results.

No Limits

Protection of multiple WiFi hotspots with no limits on access points or number of devices connecting.

What our customers say

We had spent a month on working on content filtering methods with some new SonicWall devices and could not achieve the desired results. We installed this as a demo, when thru a training webinar, and were impressed by granular ability to filter out websites. By default in our environment, the whole internet is blocked, except for management approved websites. We have found this is the most effective may to keep employees productive. With our previous product, I couldn't block a piece of a website

Noah, IT Manager Transportation Industry

We have been using WebTitan for almost a year now and I still like it. It works much better than our old filter, and the web GUI is easy to navigate and well laid out. The filtering works well and has cut the Facebook time completely out! The price is good compared to other filters on the market. We just renewed our contract for another 3 years, so we will continue to use WebTitan for a while.

Derek, IT Manager Manufacturing Industry

Moving to WebTitan has saved us 50% in license fees. our business was delighted about the saving and as an administrator I am enjoying the flexibility, scalability and stability

Louis Coetzee, IT Director KMG Group

WebTitan for Transportation

Advanced Web Content Filtering. Can be deployed as a gateway or cloud based solution.

Why is WebTitan perfect for Transportation?

  • Block malicious websites, phishing attacks & ransomware
  • Stop customers & staff viewing inappropriate & illegal content
  • Manage social media usage
  • Comply with industry regulations 
  • Report on individual and group browsing activity
  • Promote child-friendly WiFi access
  • Internet Policy Compliance - granular policy engine, by user or group, bandwidth and time
  • No limit on the number of routers, hotspots, or WiFi networks
  • Provide a safe WiFi experience for staff and guests
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SpamTitan for Transportation

Comprehensive Email Anti-Spam Solution. Can be deployed as a gateway or cloud based solution

Why is ArcTitan perfect for Transportation?

  • A highly scalable, functionally rich solution offering the best email protection for your organisation
  • Award Winning Antivirus engines included for best protection
  • Robust protection for your email infrastructure that is always up to date and evolving to protect your trasnportation institution.
  • Filter your organisation's email traffic without expensive or time consuming overheads
  • Scalable to meet your financial organization's needs
  • Easy to set up and Simple to manage
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ArcTitan for Transportation

ArcTitan Email Archiving. Cloud based email archiving built for business

Why is SpamTitan perfect for Transportation?

  • Cloud Based Email Archiving, E-discovery and Compliance Made Easy for your Customers
  • Email Archiving in the Cloud. Secure, Encrypted, Fast. Quick to setup, and easy
  • Secure, Encrypted email transfer, storage and retrieval
  • HIPAA, SOX (and more) standards compliance
  • Compatible with your email server
  • Comprehensive searching and reporting
  • Audited access trail
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Case Studies

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IHOUSE Web’s customers had been seeing the level of spam messages increasing steadily, spam and all the damaging consequences it brings was leaking...

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Rapid Recovery provides Terminal Server access. They needed a solution to monitor what users were doing on the web. Providing unrestricted access while keeping...

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GVS Enjoy Increased Productivity Since Deploying WebTitan On Premise

The Gift Voucher Shop decided to deploy a Web Filtering solution to manage internet usage in the work place. Management believed if they could...

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