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Secure WiFi for airports & train stations.

We are delighted to announce the launch of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi , a cloud-based internet security and access control service that enables airports, train stations and other transportation providers to offer fast and secure WiFi internet access to their guests.

Tampa, FL and Galway, Ireland, 22nd February, 2016 – TitanHQ, formerly SpamTitan Technologies, a world leader in email and web security solutions for business since 1999, has launched WebTitan Cloud for WiFi. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi makes it easy for IT teams to provide fast, secure and hassle free internet access without investing in expensive network infrastructure or adding IT staff.

Transportation consumers are demanding airport operators, train stations and bus depots provide fast and reliable WiFi internet access. In a recent interview on the Airport Improvement website, Dom Nessi, chief information officer at Los Angeles International Airport, stated "The bottom line is that if people don't have good Wi-Fi, they will complain about the airport." Transportation IT teams face the challenging task of providing WiFi that meets customers demands while protecting guests and the operator from risk. WebTitan Cloud for WiFi enables IT staff to deliver internet access with superior protection against web attacks without the need for additional routers, software or complex hardware configuration.

In addition to protecting guests from attacks from malicious content and malware, WebTitan Cloud for WiFi make it easy for companies to restrict access to content that is offensive or illegal. Pornographic, gambling and peer-to-peer file sharing sites are easily blocked using over 70 category-based filtering options. More advanced controls enable administrators to set granular access rules for bandwidth, time, and individual or group access as well as enforce specific enterprise-based restrictions. Network administrators don’t have to worry about scale as WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is equally effective for one hotspot or a network of a thousand hotspots with no increase in latency.

With WebTitan Cloud for WiFi , IT teams get :

  • Straightforward cloud based administration 
  • The ability to centrally control multiple routers/locations
  • The ability to scale  to any number of routers and any number of locations
  • Unlimited usage
  • Support for dynamic or changing IP’s
  • Multi device support

To learn more about the ease and security of WebTitan Cloud for WiFi, please contact us at or visit

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