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Exchange Anti Spam and Anti Malware Protection

A cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange can prevent spam emails from being delivered to end users and will greatly enhance security by blocking phishing emails and other email-borne threats. In contrast to hardware-based spam filters, a cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange can be configured and managed from any device with an Internet connection using a web-based control panel.

A cloud-based spam filter for Microsoft Exchange offers a number of other benefits over hardware and software-based spam filters. With a cloud-based solution there is no need to purchase any additional hardware and no software needs to be installed. Once a subscription to a cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange has been purchased, all that is required is for a small change to be made to the mail exchanger (MX) record and the service to be configured: A process that takes just a few minutes.

How Does a Cloud Spam Filter for Microsoft Exchange Work?

When an email is sent by an employee through his or her email program, the message is passed on to the organization’s outbound email server. The server must then find the address to ensure that email is directed to the correct recipient. The outbound email server contacts a DNS server to obtain the address, which replies with an MX record. The email is then sent and picked up by the recipient’s inbound email server.

When a cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange is used, the MX record of the inbound server is replaced with the MX record of the provider of the spam filtering service. All emails are then routed through the service provider, whose software assesses each email to determine whether it is spam and is free from malware. As an added benefit, using a cloud-based spam filter will ease the load on your organization’s email server.

How Does a Cloud Spam Filter Detect Email Spam?

Cloud-based spam filters use a number of different mechanisms to assess incoming emails to determine if they are genuine and should be delivered or if they are spam and should be quarantined.  A cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange will first check the sender of the email against a global blacklist of known spammers.

An advanced cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange will also perform a host of other checks to determine whether emails are genuine. A Bayesian Analysis is used to check the contents of emails for spam signatures, such as the use of non-standard characters and other idiosyncrasies.

Other methods include greylisting: The practice of responding to the email server from which a message has been sent and requesting the message be resent. The time delay in responding to that request is a good indicator of whether the email is genuine. Most spammers perform huge runs of emails as part of their spam campaigns. Their mail servers are usually too busy to respond to these requests to resend emails. If the request is denied, the email is quarantined as spam.

Bayesian Analyses and greylisting will greatly improve the effectiveness of a cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange. Greylisting also ensures that spam sent from new IP addresses that have yet to be added to spam blacklists are also blocked. Many anti-spam solutions – including Microsoft Exchange Online Protection – do not use this important mechanism.

Additional Features of Cloud-Based AntiSpam Solutions

Antivirus software should prevent malware, spyware, and adware from being installed, yet not all antivirus programs check incoming emails for malicious programs and URLs. A cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange offers this additional security control. All incoming messages are assessed using an antivirus engine. Any email containing a malicious link or infected email attachment will be quarantined to prevent it from being delivered to an end user. A spam filter should also quarantine phishing emails, which will reduce reliance on employees being able to identify email threats.

All spam filters analyze inbound emails, but not all perform checks on outbound mail. Malware could be downloaded from the Internet and inadvertently mailed to another individual within your organization or to a customer, client, or business contact. By checking outbound mail at source, contacts are protected from malicious emails. This feature also helps to prevent an organization being added to a spam blacklist.

Block 99.97% of Spam Emails with SpamTitan Cloud

TitanHQ has been protecting businesses from email-borne threats for more than 15 years. To date, more than 5,000 companies have chosen TitanHQ as their email spam filtering partner.

TitanHQ’s antispam solution – SpamTitan – is a powerful and scalable cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange that has been independently verified as capable of blocking 99.97% of spam email, with a false positive rate of just 0.03%.

Rather than just rely on one antivirus engine, SpamTitan uses dual AV engines from Bitdefender and ClamAV. This ensures 100% protection from all known malware. SpamTitan even offers protection during server outages and downtime thanks to an email continuity service. The anti-spam filter can be customized using a web-based control panel with an intuitive user interface, while reports can be configured and scheduled with ease.

Our 100% cloud-based solution is ideal for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to multi-national companies. Since the solution is 100% cloud-based it is the ideal choice for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) looking to add spam filtering to their portfolio of managed services. SpamTitan Cloud can be hosted within TitanHQ’s Cloud, a private cloud, or a combination of the two. SpamTitan Cloud can also be supplied with a full set of APIs for ease of installation and as a white label to allow MSPs and resellers to add their own branding.

Take Advantage of a Free Trial of SpamTitan

If you are looking for a powerful, easy-to-use cloud spam filter for Microsoft Exchange, SpamTitan is the answer. However, don’t just take our word for it. Try SpamTitan for yourself and discover the difference it can make for your organization.

SpamTitan Cloud is available on a free, no obligation trial. You will receive assistance installing the product and getting up and running, in addition to full technical support for the duration of your trial.

To sign up for the trial, or to get answers to any questions you may have about SpamTitan Cloud, contact our customer service team today.


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