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Join the TitanHQ Panel for an Interactive Roundtable Discussion

The TitanHQ MSP roundtable is an interactive & engaging way for MSPs to come together and discuss various topics facing MSPs.

Each month TitanHQ hosts an interactive MSP Roundtable, where members of the channel join Tom Watson, Channel Chief and Trevagh Stankard, Marketing & Events Coordinator, with their cameras and mics on to discuss various topics facing MSPs. 

Next Upcoming Roundtable: Roundtable #4 October 24th

TitanHQ MSP Roundtable

TitanHQ MSP Roundtable

Roundtable #4 October 24th, 1PM EST

End of year often means a great deal of activity when it comes to mergers and acquisitions and we are going to open up a discussion about it. Is it time to buy, hold or sell? Have you been approached? Are you looking to purchase a MSP and grow your footprint?  We are going to have several current and former MSP owners on this months roundtable with M&A experience.  Bring your questions and your thoughts!

It's Q4 and we want to hear from you about what’s on your plate, what you want to get the word out about and what you want the rest of our roundtable group to know. In the last ten minutes we will go around the horn and feel free to promote your personal or professional brand or let the group know what events you plan to attend through the end of the year. 

Join us for a lively group discussion with like-minded people in the MSP community. 

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