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  • SpamTitan, email security: Advanced email spam and phishing protection with AI driven, zero-day threat intelligence. Check every URL on every click - blocks user access to malicious or suspicious URLs
  • WebTitan, DNS filtering: Advanced threat protection, DNS security and content filtering. Proactive protection from malicious web threats and attacks
  • ArcTitan, email archiving: Protects your emails in a secure, tamper-evident environment, where it is instantly retrievable. It’s easy to use, with a lightning fast intuitive search interface. 
  • SafeTitan, security awareness training: adds a human protection layer to TitanHQ’s security offering - 88% of data breaches are caused by human error.  Picks up the threat when employees actually take a risky action, and tailors the response training appropriately - in real time.
  • EncryptTitan, email encryption: The perfect partner to SpamTitan, EncryptTitan seamlessly encrypts email messages and attachments for an added layer of security and helps users meet compliance requirements for protecting sensitive, private information.
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