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Wi-Fi Program


Wi-Fi Program

The TitanShield Wi-Fi Program allows Wi-Fi providers to take advantage of TitanHQ's proven technology in wi-fi content filtering and security.

What does the TitanSHIELD Wi-Fi Program give you?

Partner Support

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Assigned Sales Engineer Support
  • Access to Global Partner Program Hotline
  • Access to Partner Knowledge Base

Technical Support

  • Priority Technical Support 24 Hours a Day
  • 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST) Technical Support
  • Online Technical Information and FAQs
  • Access to Partner Technical Knowledge Base
  • TitanHQ Beta Program Eligible

Sales Enablement

  • Private or Public Cloud deployment
  • White Label or Co-branding
  • API integration
  • 30 day evaluations
  • Product Discounts
  • Competitive upgrades
  • Tiered Deal Registration  Eligible
  • Renewal Protection
  • Advanced Product Information
  • Competitive Information and Research
  • Not-for-Resale (NFR) Key
  • Product Brochures and Sales Tools
  • Partner Advisory Council Eligibility
  • QTRLY Business Planning and Review
  • Access to Partner Support


  • Access to the Partner Portal
  • Co-Branded Evaluation Site
  • Social Network participation
  • Joint PR
  • Partner Events and Conferences
  • TitanHQ Newsletter
  • Better Together Webinars
  • Partner Certificate - Sales and technical
  • Sales Campaigns in a box
  • Public Relations Program and Customer Testimonials
  • TitanHQ Corporate Style Guide and Logo Usage
  • TitanHQ Partner Welcome Kit
  • Access to TitanHQ's MVP Rewards Program


The platform that TitanShield Wi-Fi Program partners utilise is called WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi. WebTitan Cloud for Wi-Fi has been designed for businesses who want to secure their Wi-Fi, offer web content filtering and malware protection to their customers.

Typical End Customers Include:

Wireless Wi-Fi ISPs, MSPs and other WiFi service providers
Cafes, Coffee Shops & Restaurants
Retail Outlets & Shopping Malls
Schools & Universities
Health Systems & Hospitals
Rail & bus networks
Public Wi-Fi Deployments

Why filter and secure Wi-Fi at all?

The provision of a WiFi hotspot can be risky. Your WiFi guest can be exposed to unsuitable websites and malware. Many companies choose to filter their WiFi to: 

Protect their brand: business owners do not want any issues arising from providing WiFi access in their premises, such as customers or minors accessing unsuitable content from their network or violating any laws when online.
Protect users:  the internet is the main conduit of malware online. Owners want to assure users that they are safe when using the WiFi network.
Save bandwidth: prevent users from using the WiFi network to download large amounts of content, such as streaming websites, or videos or movies.

Some key benefits of our solution include:

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi is a multi-tenented platform. You can create new customers and accounts easily and manage any number of locations from one account. You can also delegate administration to the customer so that they can dictate the policy of what they want their guests to be able to see. This can be set up in minutes and is all managed from an intuitive web based interface. No local software installs required.

API Driven
Our multiple API's allows integration with your billing, auto provisioning or monitoring system. Being able to standardise across these systems provides freedom and simplicity.

WebTitan Cloud for WiFi allows the administrator to set instant alerts in order to discover who is trying to view restricted content. You can  find out exactly what content customers are accessing via your WiFi network. Policies can be created per location preventing users from accessing unwanted content and blocking malicious websites.

Simple & Immediate
WebTitan Cloud simplifies WiFi security management. It takes care of all  the complexities of content filtering and security while presenting your customers with a logical interface that requires no training. It requires:

No specialist training,
No software installation and
No need for technical expertise to either set up or manage customer accounts– it’s that simple

It is a DNS based solution requiring a simple DNS redirect to the WebTitan cloud servers. It is therefore simple to set up and manage, completely scalable and avoids any latency effects. 


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