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SafeTitan Webinar - Live Security Awareness Tips and Tricks for MSP’s

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SafeTitan Webinar - Live Security Awareness Tips and Tricks for MSP’s

TitanHQ recently launched SafeTitan Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulation Solution for Managed Service Providers. Working with our MSP advisory council and MSP customer base, TitanHQ has developed this unique solution, which is purpose-built for MSPs.

As an MSP, you play an crucial role in the day-to-day security of each of your clients.  Your end users and clients are constantly at risk from threats like phishing attacks, social engineering, and text message scams. Delivering security awareness training helps your end-users better understand how to identify and avoid common security pitfalls, while strengthening your role as a trusted advisor.
Grow your expertise and your business in just 30 minutes!

In this free live demo, you will learn why end-user security training is so important to an overall cybersecurity offering and how consistent, up-to-date, and repeatable security training empowers your end users. You'll also get unbeatable advice that’s built on experience from our experts on how today’s MSPs can defend their networks, employees, and customers while also growing their MSP business.

In this webinar, Stephen Burke, SafeTitan Product Manager and Nick Wilding, Lead Security Awareness Consultant, will demo the key features of the SafeTitan for MSPs platform, including:

  1. Zero Friction Client Onboarding
  2. Low Total Cost of Ownership
  3. Mass campaigns and training
  4. Direct email injection (Graph API)
  5. Scheduled client reporting
  6. New MSP Dashboard for quick actions and live analytics
  7. Dynamic User Management

Interesting Security Awareness Training Statistics:

  • 57% of SMBs do not run any security awareness training program at all.
  • 60% of MSPs offer SAT as part of their managed services offering.
  • The average phishing susceptibility rate across all industries globally is 37.9%. SafeTitan’s triggered phishing training reduces this threat to below 3%.
  • Human error is accountable for 90% of security breaches.
  • 80% of organizations have experienced a noticeable reduction in phishing susceptibility as a result of security awareness training.
  • The SAT market currently exceeds $1 billion annually and is growing at a rate of 13% per year.
  • 69% of SMBs say they would hold their MSP accountable at some level for a phishing breach.

Thinking about offering security awareness training to your clients? Register today to see SafeTitan for MSPs in action on October 20th:

Register for Webinar: Live Security Awareness Tips and Tricks for MSPs.


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