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Unveiling PhishTitan ICES – Protect your M365 Environment from Threats that Bypass Traditional Defenses.

Modern threat actors use sophisticated attack methods to bypass traditional email security solutions. Email attacks have increased in sophistication and severity. As you know, it only takes one click on one dangerous link to lead to a significant compromise. In this webinar, we are thrilled to show you our new integrated cloud email security solution (ICES), PhishTitan.

PhishTitan is a next-generation phishing protection and remediation solution with one click, post-delivery remediation (PDR). PhishTitan uses advanced AI, machine learning, and risk-adaptive technology to stop the full range of attacks. The solution integrates directly with Microsoft 365, and within 8 minutes, it will start catching and remediating sophisticated phishing attacks Microsoft misses.

In this webinar, Conor Hynes, Director of Product Management and Data, and Derek Higgins, Director of Technology Operations, will bring you under the covers of PhishTitan and guide you through this groundbreaking solution.


In this webinar, we will examine:

  • Why advanced BEC attacks, although low in volume, represent a significant risk exposure to the company.
  • Why it takes just one wrong click on a dangerous link to allow a hacker into your system?
  • How PhishTitan detects never-before-seen attacks by analyzing thousands of unique signals to detect anomalies in email messages.
  • How you get real-time visibility into attacks in your M365 environment that bypass traditional defenses.
  • How PhishTitan Remediates Malicious Emails to Prevent End-User Engagement
  • SEG v ICES - Is your secure email gateway solution failing to stop advanced high-risk/low-volume email attacks like BEC?

Just one click, and the Damage is Done. Avoid that one wrong click with PhishTitan.

Watch this webinar to discover how PhishTitan protects users from the full spectrum of targeted email threats that bypass traditional defenses including phishing, advanced business email compromise, ransomware, and supply chain fraud.

Ready to strengthen your organization's security? Explore PhishTitan's capabilities and fortify your M365 defenses.

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