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SpamTitan receives 34th VB100 Award from Virus Bulletin for 99.96% spam blocking and zero false pos

Tampa, FL and Galway, Ireland, 5th November, 2015  -  SpamTitan today announced that it has received its 7th VB+ award adding to its long track record of impressive results in this industry  test. The Virus Bulletin anti spam test is an independent global publication specific to the field of spam, viruses and related malware.  With no false positives and an impressive 99.96% spam catch rate, SpamTitan  outperformed many other vendors including Fortimail, Sophos,  GFI and McAfee.

This is SpamTitans 34th consecutive Virus bulletin award and its 7th special VBSpam+ award.  Martijn Grooten, author of the Virus Bulletin Anti-spam comparative review highlighted the fact that while spear-phishing is a serious problem for many organizations, “run-of-the-mill spam campaigns  remain the background noise of the Internet”.

Commenting on the test results Ronan Kavanagh CEO of TitanHQ, makers of SpamTitan anti-spam said ‘spam still has a huge impact both for systems administrators and for the millions of users who accidentally open email attachments every day. Thankfully as  this and previous  independent tests have shown,  although the spam problem is nowhere near solved, it has been mitigated well at the network level  with ever evolving powerful anti-spam solutions like SpamTitan".

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