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"With ArcTitan, we’ve been gradually reducing our retention period, and intending to go down further."

Vincenzo Ardillo

IT Manager

"We have followed the development of ArcTitan over the years and have introduced features which are now some of our largest benefits. We use ArcTitan a lot. We use it when we have Subject Access Requests (SAR) or Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, when we want to discover whether we actually hold information in email or not. We don’t have a sophisticated records management system at the moment so ArcTitan helps us to carry out searches quickly and securely. Our auditors were concerned about our arrangements before then, if ever they had to carry out an investigation there was no audit trail to explain the circumstances of the audit. From there we wanted to look for something that would protect the auditors, explain their specific reasons for going in, as well as assure staff that people weren’t going in to snoop around on their emails. It’s absolutely lived up to those expectations. We’ve been gradually reducing our retention period, and are intending to go down further to reduce the sheer volume of information which we are searching."

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