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SpamTitan Plus is our primary defense for email against spam and viruses. Using SpamTitan saves us a ton of time.

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  • Vipin Malhan

    Network and Security Engineer

    SpamTitan Plus is good at catching zero-day viruses and spam messages. One feature that helped us a lot in the past year is the Link Lock. It will check the URLs that are included in messages and if they're not trusted sites then the link will be blocked.

    SpamTitan is our primary defense for email against spam and viruses.

    Using SpamTitan Plus saves us a ton of time. We have users that get literally thousands of junk emails a day. Thanks to SpamTina Plus, users went from getting like two or three thousand junk emails a day, to now just two reports a day.

    We had some users that were spending two or three hours going through email. There is a huge difference for some people.

    Before SpamTitan Plus, we used to use MailGate, from Tumbleweed. The biggest difference between these two products was the price. The functionality was very close to the same but SpamTitan is approximately 30% of the price.

    We have realized ROI from our time savings. It has saved me hundreds of hours because we have people in one department that would constantly click on links that were bad. Every time that happened, it cost me between 50 and 60 hours of time to fix the problem.

    We have noticed a trend of approximately 5% growth in spam per year, versus legitimate email, and SpamTitan Plus catches almost all of it. I would rate this solution a ten out of ten.

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