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The amount of emails that our users don't get, emails that is just solid junk, is staggering.

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Kevin Walgren

    Technology Lead

    The amount of email that our users don't get, email that is just solid junk, is staggering. I find it utterly amazing how much stuff doesn't need to come through and that is blocked with SpamTitan Plus. Not having to go through up to 80 junk emails out of 100 emails today equates directly to time savings. 

    The biggest area of concern for us for an anti-phishing solution was identifying what it flags as spam, but it's not really clear that it's spam. A definite benefit for SpamTitan Plus is being able to identify that in a customized way.

    SpamTitan probably saves each user 10 to 15 minutes per day, pretty easily.

    One of the most valuable features of SpamTitan is the Geo-blocking, and whitelisting. It's very straightforward and has a really simple interface.

    Once we made the investment in SpamTitan we were up and running literally in half an hour or an hour, and had fully moved away from Mimecast. The transition went very well.

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