"ArcTitan is brilliant and of course quick."

Alaric Turner

Network Manager

ArcTitan was originally implemented due to requirements that have now expired. ArcTitan Cloud Email Archive is used today for email archiving so that users can empty out their mailboxes and still get all their mail back. Up until a year ago we used ArcTitan for an insurance company to check the validity of claims and to verify previous conversations. ArcTitan was used in this way to prove we’d been given false information and has saved our company on a number of occasions from paying out to false claims. The product has also been used for internal disciplinary reasons.

The new version with the mirroring of the mailbox structure is highly anticipated, if it works I can see the usage going from 50-60% up to 90%…. Mailbox structure is how some people work. If I’m using ArcTitan, then I’m using it to find something for a long time ago. Locating within the email archive information from multiple years ago. The search facilities within this feature are fantastic. ArcTitan is brilliant and of course quick. The further we go back the more useful the multiple fields become. Usability is the aspect of the product I find most useful.

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