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"WebTitan is already better than Umbrella by Cisco"

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  • Todd Russell

    Director of IT

    WebTitan Review from Saint Joseph Seminary College

    WebTitan Cloud's simple interface is the best feature. When Cisco bought OpenDNS, they revamped the UI to make it look "modern", but they also made it a lot slower to use and find the info you need. With WebTitan, I am finding that I can log in, quickly look for blocked users, check their individual traffic, and get out in less than 5 minutes. With Umbrella (formerly known as OpenDNS), I just wasn't even bothering to look at traffic because the experience was frustrating. Now with WebTitan, I am finding that I am using it daily again because it is quick and easy to use and doesn't make me feel like I am fighting with the UI. 

    WebTitan immediately gave us visibility into our users’ traffic. Within days, the UI allowed us to see clear signals of dangerous activity. Thanks to the easily accessible and understandable data available on the WebTitan UI, we have been able to launch investigations more quickly and work on remediation. The deployment of WebTitan Cloud has greatly helped the college defend against web threats like ransomware and malware. Overall, our ability to spot and remediate security issues has improved a great deal. We can block malicious activity, protect the network and users, and safely manage web usage across the organization. Deploying WebTitan was also very easy and we did not anticipate the dramatic and immediate improvement to our workflow that it provided.

    The entire experience with WebTitan has been terrific. From better reporting to a usable UI. We've gotten the visibility we need and have therefore been able to improve our security position.

    There is nothing to lose by contacting WebTitan and setting up a trial. I was able to do that very quickly over the phone and spend a little time in the interface to determine whether or not it could do what I wanted. That brief demo was all I needed to know that WebTitan would serve my needs much better than Umbrella and I have been thrilled with the improvements to my workflow since switching over.

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