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"We found the TitanHQ sales and technical staff to all be congenial and desirous to solve problems quickly"

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  • Dalton J

    Founder/Executive Director

    We are a very small nonprofit ministry that has more than one website and multiple email addresses. We were receiving between 75-100 pieces of spam a day when we finally found SpamTitan. TitanHQ were recommended in a list of possible companies who provide spam protection. We found the sales and technical staff to all be congenial and desirous to solve problems quickly. The SpamTitan software was easy to learn, and once it begins catching things, it seems to learn what to look for even better than at the beginning. 

    SpamTitan works behind the scenes, allows me to add sites I want blocked, or choose from lists generated daily (as spam comes in), and block them as desired. I also can release or whitelist based upon my desire to see more info from the blocked email.

    We asked TitanHQ if there were any ability to get a discount because of the type organization we have and the work we do, and the sales team were very willing to work with us to get the best possible rate. 

    THANKS GUYS - we appreciate ALL you do for 30 60 100 MINISTRIES, INC.

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