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"Our users are happy – they love the ability to review their filtered messages and create personal white lists and block lists."

Ralph Smith

Technical Director

Gateway Community Industries are a Non-Profit Organisation asists people in choosing, acquiring, using, and maintaining the skills and supports necessary to achieve success and satisfaction in their lives. The TitanHQ team understand the importance of working with not for profit businesses and organisations. SpamTitan is perfect for Non-Profits as it is a highly scalable, functionally rich solution offering the best email protection for your staff and guests. SpamTitan blocks over 99.9% of spam, viruses, malware and other email threats. SpamTitam has a flexible pricing models to suit your needs and is easy to set up and simple to manage "I am the IT Director at a non-profit agency with about 200 users. We have a Microsoft Exchange Server that we run in house, and were relying on it's built in anti-spam features. However, this was not doing the job. False positives were high, too much spam was getting through, and there was very little functionality available to fine tune the system. We searched for another solution and found numerous options. Many were too expensive for us. Some were too complex or needed to be installed on the Exchange Server, which we wanted to avoid. We found SpamTitan on the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace. We had the trial appliance set up and running in under an hour. It was easy to install and immediately effective. Our users are happy – they love the ability to review their filtered messages and create personal white lists and block lists. The filtering is extremely accurate – we only occasionally get a false positive, and even these are sometimes marginal. Very little junk slips through to our user's inboxes. The web based control panel is easy to use, and there is ample opportunity for customizing settings. During the ten months we have been using this product there have been a few minor updates, and one major update to the user interface, which was excellent. The advantage of having this product as a virtual appliance: We had a hardware problem on the host machine, but since we had a backup of the SpamTitan VM, we moved it to another host and were back in business in a matter of minutes. We used to have a spam problem which sucked up a lot of our time and resources. Then we got SpamTitan, and now the topic hardly ever comes up. It works, it's easy to use, and the price is extremely reasonable."  Ralph Smith, Technical Director, Gateway Community Industries

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