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"Currently we server over 500 individual users with SpamTitan and no one has had a complaint"

  • ArcTitan Capterra
  • Jonathan Corley

    Chief Technology Officer

    The service, as well as the products we use with TitanHQ, have been rock solid since we started. We are an MSP so reliability and ease of use followed up by excellent responsive customer service are only magnified by the number of clients that we use with TitanHQ. Currently, we server over 500 individual users and no one has had a complaint. This has been a wonderful partnership so far, and one that we will continue to use. Right now, we currently use ArcTitan and Spamtitan with much success.

    There is not really anything to like about this TitanHQ or the services they provide. We have seen a reduced amount of phishing emails as well as overall junk mail. The best part of the product is it takes on a lot of the junk traffic that we would otherwise see hitting our network and email servers and filters it before we receive the emails. Also, the ability to still receive emails when the email server itself is offline is a big benefit in maintaining business continuity.

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